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  • Auction Industry

    Paul Brown Discusses Gallery 63 and the Effect of Reality TV Show ‘Auction Kings’ on His Business

    If all the world’s a stage, “then who has better props than antique stores and auction galleries?” asks Brown. Picture of Paul Brown of Gallery 63 and Auction Kings. Photo by the Discovery Channel. How has the media and popular culture affected the way Americans think about auctions and antiques?…

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    Auction Highlights | Single-owner Collection of Rare Books at Skinner

    A Mystic Collection, featured illuminated Medieval manuscripts, a strong group of rubricated incunabula in contemporary bindings, important high spots for Bible collectors, illustrated books, and unusual bindings. Even collectors of English books, 18th-century Italian views, classics, and heraldry had many exceptional offerings from which choose. Collectors, dealers, and institutions from…

  • Auction Preview

    Antique Toy Auction

    Bought in their time for as little as a penny (which is how the “penny toys” got their name), antique toys like the ones featured in this Pook & Pook auction have increased in value with each generation of owner. This is what draws a collector to antique toys: the…

    Antique Toy Auction by Pook