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  • Auction Preview

    Paintings, Furniture, Decorative Arts & Fine Rugs

    P.P. Prud'hon, an esteemed Parisian artist received special status in Napoleon's court. He was commissioned to paint portraits of Napoleon's two wives. While these portraits are well known to the world, the painting of “Napoleon Bonaparte and the King of Rome” is a rare find. Gifted by Emperor Napoleon to…

  • Auction Preview

    Friday Preferred Auction

    Friday, June 28, Alex Cooper will be holding their Friday Preferred Auction. The catalog for this auction holds a variety of fine jewelry, contemporary art, furniture, and collectibles. Highlights include a collection of four “Marilyn Monroe” prints from Andy Warhol as well as several sketches from the famous 20th century…

  • Auction Preview

    Premier Auction

    Premier auction will bring together works of valued artists in art histories such as John Zurier, Sam Gillian and Andy Warhol. In this auction, a Chinese sculpture of deity Shadakshari Lokeshvara appears to be seated on a lotus is portrayed as a powerful spirit devoted to helping humanity. The collection…