Leslie Hindman Auctioneers to organize a splendid auction on decorative arts and silver items

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Some extraordinary silver and decorative art items will be auctioned shortly by the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.  From vintage furniture to decorative art and silver items, you can get a good chance to grab some extraordinary collectibles. Majority of the items of the auction items belongs to the property of James Lee Soffer. He is a 70-year-old American citizen who is the president of the real estate organization known as Soffer organization. The other items are from personal collections of other eminent collectors.

You can check the vital information related to all the items of this auction at Bidsquare. A well-organized catalog is present there to provide you the vital information every item. Here are the few most eye-catching items you can put the bids on.

*A Pair of German Silver Seven-Light Candelabra, Josef Krischer Nachfolger, Dusseldorf, Early 20th Century, the fluted columnar

A couple of seven armed candelabra made of German silver will be available in a single bid on the forthcoming auction of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. It is made by Josef Krischer Nachfolger, one of the prominent and reputed silverware makers in the 20th century. The candelabras comprise of Corinthian capital and seven candle arms. The central arm is surmounted with an eagle. The tripartite base is present in the item which terminates in the hoof feet. The hoof feet are placed over the conforming plinth.

The height of each candelabrum in this item is 31 inches. This item has the top-most starting bid price among all silver items at $4000.  The estimated price for the item is supposed to be $8000 to $12000.

Depicting a queen and king, the Pair of German Silver-Gilt and Hardstone Mounted Figures

Maker’s Mark IFS, 20th Century with a starting Bid of $1,000 is also up for the auction.

A Russian Silver Tankard, Mark of Ilya Shchetinin, Assay of Ivan Lebedkin, Moscow, Late 19th/Early 20th Century, the cylindric

This silver tankard can add a vintage touch to your dining table instantly. The tankard made of Russian silver is a beautiful item in the upcoming auction. The tankard approximately dates back to the late 19th or early 20th century. You can find a wonderful work of a couple of snowbirds in the flowering branches. An engraved cartouche adds to its beauty. The item is in good condition as shown in the above picture. The height of the item is 7 ½ inches. It is from the collection of James Lee Soffer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The initial bid price of the item is $500 and the estimated price of the item is $1000 to $2000.

You can also check out the Russian Silver Wine Cooler with a ribbed body and the central panel shows flowers and foliate scrolls enclosing a vacant cartouche.

* A Roman Marble Figure of Heracles with the Nemean Lion Height 17 1/2 inches

The Roman Marble Figure of Heracles is one of the most remarkable items in the auction by the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. Heracles is a recognized, prominent, and famous hero in Roman and Greek mythology. Son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene, he was famous for his strength and courage. The total height of the item along with the stand is 21 5/8 inches and the probable period that it can date back to is the 1st or 2nd century. It is an ancient decorative art item in the catalog and is definitely the piece to go for!

The item now belongs to Jane Davis and Hobe Sound of Florida. The item also holds a rich province history. Before 1960, the item belonged to Brussels, Belgium Private Collection. It also belonged to the Royal Athena Galleries, New York up to February 11th, 2006.

The item is in good condition, however, you can ask for a complete condition report from the website. This item carries the highest initial bidding price among all the decorative art items at $15000. The estimated price of the item is $30000 to $50000.

Four Regency Fruitwood Fruit-For Tea Caddies Height of pear-form example 6 1/2 inches

You can get the Four Regency Fruitwood Fruit-Form Tea Caddies integrated into one item in the upcoming auction. All the tea caddies are of different shapes of fruits. In the set, there is one melon shaped caddy, a pair of apple-shaped caddies and a melon-shaped caddy. These adorable items date back to the 19th century. As the caddies are made of high-quality wood, the tea stored in it can retain the flavor easily.

Each pear has different heights yet all of them carry an outstanding shine. The estimated value of the item is $1000- $2000. The initial bidding price for the item is $500.

The Three Regency Tortoise Shell Tea Caddies with the serpentine outline, velvet-lined interior fitted with glass basket along with two caddies, is also worth a look!

A Grand Tour Style Bisque Architectural Model with a Collection of Bone and Marble Ornaments Height of model 12 5/8 inches

The Grand Tour Style Bisque Architectural Model is an item integrated with marble and bone jewelry. It is one of the best items when it comes to decorative art. There are 17 types of ornaments present in the model with different decorations and sizes.

The starting bid of the item is $250 and the estimated value of the item ranges between $500 and $700. You might surely get attracted to the model as explicit marble designs are present in the item. This can enhance the interior outlook of your room too. The height of the item is 12 5/8 inches.

So, these are some of the leading items out of the 727 featured ones that you must concentrate upon while participating in the auction. The auction will take place on 16th April 2019. The process of placing a bid on Bidsquare is very simple and convenient. So, you must go ahead and put the bid as fast as possible.

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