Pre-Columbian Gold Sinu Large Bird Finial on Tube

Starting: $1,600

Pre-Columbian gold Sinu large bird finial on tube, with an open beak, bead eyes, a crest of curled feathers, talons grasping a snake entwined around a cylindrical tube, decorated with open scroll and braid-work. 7.5″ H x 1.75″ W x 1.375″ D. Comprised of approx 46.09% gold (equivalent to 11K+ gold). Approx 84.2 dwt = 130.94 grams. This piece has been tested via Niton XL3t / XRF Analyzer: Gold: Au 46.09 / Silver: Ag 22.26 / Copper: Cu 31.65 and Gold: Au 50.94 / Silver: Ag 30.68 / Copper: Cu 18.38, photo in images. From a 485 Park Avenue private collection.