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For a similar example, see plate 66 on page 41 in “Of Arms and Men: Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan 1912-2012” published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This circa 1510-1520 suit consists of composite elements of steel with shallow fluted and ribbed surface ornamentation of such close similarity that it gives a homogeneous appearance. The suit was assembled by Dr. Bashford Dean, who was the first president of the Arms & Armor Society formed in New York in 1921. Dr. Bashford Dean was also the first curator of the Arms & Armor Gallery of the Metropolitan Museum, the corselet (breast and backplates) as well as the taces are from the armor of Prince Carl of Prussia. The suit is comprised of a closed helmet with a bold, roped comb and a four-pointed bellows visor, with two vision slits and ten ventilation slits. The right side features a lifting peg. The neck guard is composed of three lames and the gorget has four plates in the front and rear. The rounded breastplate has movable gussets and the backplate is deeply struck with the Nuremberg mark. The besagues appear to be later. The spaulders each have five lames. Full arm defenses with heart shaped side wings, one wing is later. The suit has mitten gauntlets, a skirt comprised of four plates, three plate tassets, a culet also comprised of three plates, and a full leg harness with winged polenys with articulated sabatons with later spurs. Most surfaces are fluted and engraved, the main edges are roped and plain. The suit is well-mounted on a covered dummy dressed with a mail short of riveted rings. The armor is mounted on a well-molded wooden base. The suit is complete with an extensive file of provenance and information, including copies of the catalog from Christie’s of London in July of 2002 and a presentation binder with photographs and a detailed description of this armor. There are also photographs of Bashford Dean’s armor gallery in New York, a biography of Bashford Dean, a photograph of Joe Kindig, Jr. with this armor from the Antique Arms Annual from 1971, a copy of a letter on Joe Kindig Antique letterhead signed by Joe Kindig III, and a photograph of Joe Kindig III with the armor, still packaged, when it arrived from London in 2002. This important suit of armor is extremely attractive and has an important and extensive provenance. Also includes “Handbook of the Collection of Arms and Armor” by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Bashford Dean; “Metropolitan Museum of Art Handbook No. 15” by Bashford Dean; “Catalog of a Loan Exhibition of Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art” 2,500 copies printed in 1911; and “Friends Exiled to Virginia” written in 1777 and signed by Thomas Gilpin. CONDITION: all components retain a homogeneous, bright grey patina. Some minor restorations to edges. Nuremberg mark is excellent. An extremely attractive and important period suit of armor with extensive documentation. PROVENANCE: Anon. sale (Bashford Dean), American Art Association, New York, 23 November 1928, lot 142; Harriet Martine Dean (Bashford Dean’s sister), The Estate of Harriet Martine Dean, Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York, 14 October 1943, lot 316 (US $475 to Kindig); Joe Kindig, Jr., A private collector, Anon sale, Christie’s East, New York, 23 November 1988, lot 207 (US $66,000 including premium). LITERATURE: John S. DuMont, ‘Joe Kindig, Jr., Master of Antiquities”, Antiques Arms Manual, 1971, Page 152; The armor was assembled by Bashford Dean in the early 1920’s, using elements from various provenances including Carl, Prince of Prussia and the Princes Radziwill, Nieswiez Castle, Lithuania. Paperwork: Condition: Dimensions: 75″ x 27 – 1/2″ x 24″.

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