Arthur Sasse (1908–1975) Albert Einstein, The Princeton Club In New York, March 14, 1951

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ARTHUR SASSE (1908–1975) Albert Einstein, The Princeton Club in New York, March 14, 1951 Vintage silver print 15,8 x 14,5 cm Newspaper clip reading “Einstein’s Fun. Albert Einstein, famous scientist, gave this response when a photographer asked for his picture on his seventy-second birthday celebration at Princeton, N.J. He immediately followed up with a laugh, but the alert cameraman captured the initial pose” on the reverse, comes with a vintage silver print (1952) showing Arthur Sasse receiving the very first W. R. Hearst Memorial Award by William Randolph Hearst Jr. PROVENANCE Private Collection, USA, through Alexander Bitar History Gallery (comes with a letter of authenticity)
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