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Our photo auctions have taken place in spring and autumn each year since 2009, and have quickly assumed a central role on the auction market. Our photo auctions’ broad spectrum shows that photography has shaped people’s image of the world like no other medium in the past 150 years.

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  • Auction Preview
    22nd OstLicht Photo Auction

    Helmut Newton was a prolific artist famous for his black-and-white nude photographs. Newton developed an interest in photography at an early age and learned the craft from the prominent German photographer Yva. He later went on to open his photo studio in Melbourne and focused on postwar fashion photography. Newton’s popularity fetched him commissions for publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Explaining the idea behind his provocative photographs, Newton stated, “The people in my pictures have been ‘arranged’ as on a stage. Nonetheless, my pictures are not counterfeit; they reflect what I see in life with my own eyes.” The upcoming 22nd OstLicht Photo Auction features a 1981 photograph collection titled Naked and Dressed, Fashion Models Sitting, Paris by Newton. It shows four models looking in every direction except at the viewer.  Another highlight is Calle Cuauhtemoctzin, Mexico City by the humanist photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. The gelatin silver print was captured in 1934 when Cartier-Bresson was traveling around Italy, Mexico, and Spain. During his trip, the photographer came up with a new photography technique. It involved capturing human spontaneity and flux using a hand-held Leica camera. Calle Cuauhtemoctzin shows two women leaning out from small, wood-paneled openings. The balanced light image features classic textures, a strong sense of space, and the artist’s skill in capturing intimate moments. The auction also offers 19th-century photographs by Valie Export and William Eggleston, as well as the Apollo 11 moon landing photograph of Buzz Aldrin captured by Neil Armstrong. Interested collectors can explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    21st WestLicht Photo Auction

    William Eggleston’s interest in photography began after his classmate gave him a Leica camera. Although self-taught, Eggleston was influenced by street photographers such as Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson. However, he soon broke away from traditional black and white photography and began experimenting with colors in the late 1960s. Considered a pioneer of color photography, Eggleston inspired a generation of future artists. Three Eggleston photographs will be offered in the upcoming auction, presented by WestLicht Photo Auction. One of them is a chromogenic print titled En Route to New Orleans. Taken between 1971-74, the photo shows a hand stirring a drink next to an airplane window.  This auction of over 150 photos includes works from Nobuyoshi Araki, Jaroslav Rössler, and Franz West. Rössler’s untitled still life piece is among the highlights. A Czech photographer, Rössler experimented with abstraction and Cubism. He is considered one of the most important Czech avant-garde and Constructivist photographers of the 20th century. The available image shows a low cylindrical bowl on the lower left. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare.