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The Scanlan Collection is an eclectic selection of extraordinary works of art and antiques from all corners of the world.  With a heavy emphasis on Arts of Asia, the collection includes: sculpture, ceramics, textiles, paintings, basketry, graphic arts, and photography.

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  • Auction Preview
    Exceptional Private Collection of Asian and Tribal Art

    Avalokiteśvara is widely known as the Buddhist deity of compassion. He is also believed to be the embodiment of the eternal Buddha who offers salvation to humanity. A 16th-century Korean Avalokiteśvara sculpture will be available in the upcoming Exceptional Private Collection of Asian and Tribal Art sale, presented by The Scanlan Collection. The figure is seated on a lion with a beaded crown over his head. Jamali’s cork painting of an idol is also offered in this sale. American artist Jamali is best known for his explorative style and figurative paintings. Noting his artistic mannerisms and techniques, art critic Donald Kuspit believes Jamali's style requires its own name: Mystical Expressionism. This distinctive style links contemporary consciousness with traditional methods. Other featured lots include a Fukagawa punch bowl from the late 19th century. The Japanese bowl features a Hou-ou bird on both the interior and exterior. Its panels are separated with recurring geometric designs, landscapes, and floral patterns. View all of these lots and register to bid at Bidsquare.

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    Fine Japanese, Korean, and SE Asian Art

    The Scanlan Collection presents Fine Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian Arts. This assortment features such items as a bronze Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, a bronze Buddha, a Japanese scroll, miniature Satsuma teapot and more.    Featured in the auction is a large, patinated bronze Korean Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara sitting on the back of a lion (circa-16th century). Another item is an 18th or 19th century Buddha from Thailand’s Rattankakosin Period. The bronze Buddha exhibits traits of the earlier Ayutthya Period with the slender figure standing in Samabhanga posture. Samabhanga is a posture where the body stands upright in perfect balance representing the serenity of soul. Also included is a Japanese scroll of a Zen patriarch that is from the Muromachi or Early Edo Period, 16th to 17th century. It has been signed and sealed Kano Motonobu (1476-1559). The scroll, possibly from Montonobu’s studio, has been framed and glazed. View the entire collection and place a bid at Bidsquare today.

  • Auction Preview
    Sept-4 Labor Day Buy Now Sale

    Scanlan's upcoming Labor Day Buy Now Sale is a unique two week opportunity to purchase items unsold at previous Scanlan auctions. With set prices ranging from $45-$27,000 and no buyers premium, the collection offers significant savings on amazing works of art.   Dominating the sale are over 80 lots of Asian works that include a pair of early Tang Dynasty pottery of female polo players and a stunning palm frond iron kettle from 19th century China. There are many American Indian and Ethnographic pieces as well with provenances ranging from Mexico to Africa.  And there are astonishing opportunities to own pieces by famous Western artists, including a Joseph Kleitsch woodland scene and a Jean Cocteau sketch of Orpheus in his signature surreal style.  Also available are several modestly priced pieces of history including a charming child’s wooden sled from 1869 and clay pots, masks, and sketches from the aforementioned categories.  For a complete list of items for sale and to register to buy go to Bidsquare. 

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    Ethnographic, Asian, and Fine Arts

    Creativity, in humans, is a trait that both unites and distinguishes cultures, generations and individuals. People from all over the world express their creativity through the melding of colors, material and media. Yet that vision differs dramatically from place to place and person to person. The Scanlan Collection demonstrates beautifully, such diversity of art from around the world in their newest offering of ethnographic, Asian and fine arts.   Those searching to add a new work of fine art to their collection may be intrigued by the detailing and vibrant, spring colors of a Woodland Scene by Joseph Kleitsch. For collectors interested in East Asian artifacts, a pair of pottery, painted with polo players from 8th century China offers a blend of history and craftsmanship. A selection of carved wood tribal masks and figures from early-20th century Africa would be fine additions for those interested in Central African expressions of creativity.  These examples are only a small sampling of the unique works of art offered by the Scanlan Collection. With prices ranging from $30 to $50,000, discerning collectors of all levels are sure to find lots that match their needs. To view the remainder of this 234-lot auction and register to bid, visit Bidsquare today.