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Are you looking for the most unique, vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes handbags? Or how about stunning accessories by Cartier, LV, Gucci and many more? Then fmasarovic, based in Japan, has just what you desire. We are a professional reseller of authentic pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories. Since 2007, we have been selling our quality items online to customers worldwide. We have loyal clients in over 50 countries. Our goal is to make your shopping more personal, safe, easy and fun, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Free worldwide shipping, always.

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    Buying guides for Classic Chanel Vintage Bag – Condition

    What to consider when choosing the right condition of a pre owned  Classic Vintage Chanel Maxi Jumbo Flap Bag? Ok so you considering to buy your first Vintage Chanel Classig bag. Most likely you know what style, color and features it should have but the question is how to judge the condition if you don't have experience in assessing pre owned Chanel Vintage bags?  Please read on as this article is for you!  We are going to use our 10 years experience in assessing over 10,000 of preowned Chanel bags to give you a  STEP BY STEP checklist to make sure you don't forget anything important. We will use the most popular Vintage Chanel Classic bag  -  Maxi Jumbo for this article. Of course all information  can be applied to other bags as well with light alteration depending on the style.  1. Overall Shape Very first thing you notice as soon as the bag comes out of box or a dust bag is its shape. Depending on the style the bag should have enough stiffness to sit nicely by itself without leaning into any direction (side,front, back).   Bottom should be flat and not bended from caring heavy items or simply from improper storage.   Sidewalls should be as well nicely aligned and provide support to the Flap.  Flap when closed should be perfectly reaching the CC twist lock and not be leaning to one side as if in need for support after all night party.  Some issues with the shape can be fixed with bag shaper but honestly what you get is most likely what you will have to stick with so don't compromise if you don't have to on this point!   2. Leather Here you will need you to put the bag closer to you and inspect following areas step by step.  - Surface Scratches on the leather outsideUsually think how the bag is carried and used and you will start noticing how the leather gets used in particular spots. Since this is a shoulder bag the back is touching the body and is exposed to more damage so look at it first and look for any scatches or dents that would indicate that…