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    Incredible Fall Estate Auction

    Ferdinand Porsche developed a keen interest in technology at a young age. Working on this interest, he invented the world's first electric all-wheel-drive car in 1900. Its success drove his attention to automotive engineering. He eventually founded the Porsche brand with just 200 workers. It is now known as one…

    18K WG, Diamond & Sapphire Pendant Necklace
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    Fine Art, Antiques, Jewelry Auction

    With very little formal training, Palmer Hayden pursued painting because he enjoyed it. He flourished during the Harlem Renaissance and developed a more abstract style to represent Black Americans in paintings like Midnight Harlem and Jeunesse. His works are now considered thoughtful reflections of Black American folklore stories, including those…

    Ed Vebell (1921 - 2018) Washington At Valley Forge
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    Excellent Fall Estates Auction

    Born in 1757, Aaron Willard was considered one of the most significant horologists of his time. His clocks were the first to be economically accessible throughout the United States. Offered in Americana Auctions’ upcoming sale is a Willard mahogany tall clock. This early American piece features the original floral painted…

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    Cincinnati Collections: Online Auction

    The upcoming Cowan's Auctions online sale showcases a selection of American, English, and European artifacts. It particularly features an oil painting by Henry Faulker, a prolific American artist recognized for his colorful paintings and odd habits. His practice of bringing a bourbon-drinking goat to parties and shows contributed to his…

    Joseph Thors (British, circa 1835-1900)
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    Art / Design + Rare Ephemera

    “I used language because I wanted to offer content that people - not necessarily art people - could understand,” said Jenny Holzer, explaining her use of text-based art. Holzer is an American Neo-Conceptual artist noted for her public art. She rose to prominence shortly after her Truisms series of the…

    James Bridge (American, 20th Century)
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    Antiques & Modern from Estates & Collections

    Kawai Musical Instruments, founded by Koichi Kawai, is a well-known piano manufacturing company in Japan. Kawai lived beside reed organ builder Torakusu Yamaha and worked under him as an apprentice. After Yamaha’s death and the diversification of the Yamaha Corporation, Kawai started his own company. The upcoming New Haven Auctions…

    Rare Carlo Mollino Theater Chair
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    Premier Auctions | Session II

    Milton Avery was noted for his use of lyrical color in paintings of landscapes, figures, and still lifes. A New York native, he was a central figure of the 20th-century American art scene who did not seek to categorize his work. Avery often claimed, “I never have any rules to…

    British School Sporting Painting
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    Premier Auctions | Session I

    Highlighted in the first session of Brunk Auctions’ upcoming event is a 1964 Lincoln Continental sedan from the Ford Motor Company. Since 1939, the division of Lincoln Continental was led by Edsel Ford, son of the founder Henry Ford. He produced personal luxury convertible cars as vacation vehicles. The featured…

    Edwardian Platinum and Diamond Necklace
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    Traditional Mexican Antiques Auction

    The La Viga road in Iztacalco runs from the center to the south side of Mexico City. The concrete road was built in place of the historic Canal de la Viga, a waterway once used for food supply, recreation, and navigation. In the early 20th century, the canal was ordered…

    Octagonal Base. China, Early 20th century, Carved, inked ivory.
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    1, 2, 3...Sold! Online Only Sale

    Guanyin is a Chinese manifestation of the Avalokiteśvara bodhisattva, a being committed to attaining Buddhahood. Avalokiteśvara embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. Also known as Tara or Jetsun Dölma in Tibet, Avalokiteśvara is a significant figure in Buddhism. One of the noteworthy lots in the upcoming Showplace Antique + Design…

    Assorted Asian Table Articles, Group of 7
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    Autumn Americana Auction

    During the golden era of American carousels, many skilled artisans migrated from Europe to the United States. Among them was Charles Carmel. In 1883, he moved to New York from Russia and started working at Looff, a carousel manufacturing company. His carousels often involved highly decorated, realistic horses. The upcoming…

    Martina and Florentino Montoya San Idefanso Jar
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    Showplace Antique + Design Center Offers Asian Art in its New York City Estate Auction

    Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722) was the longest-reigning emperor of China. One of the cornerstones of his tenure was the rejuvenation of porcelain manufacturing. He oversaw the reopening of imperial factories, which had been dormant for 60 years. Featured in the New York City Estate Auction, presented by Showplace Antique + Design…

    Durand Feathered Art Glass Vase
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    Contemporary, Outdoor and Decorative Arts

    The work of Scottish artist Jacqueline Marr can be compared to the old Renaissance masters, especially given the artist’s close attention to lighting. “I strive to bring the paint to life,” she says in her biography, “to allow my figures, my subject to emerge from the canvas, stepping out from…

    Two Russian watercolor landscapes, signed illegibly
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    AC Stickley Arts & Crafts Auction

    The Stickley brothers, Albert, Gustav, Charles, Leopold, and John George, formed the Stickley Brothers Furniture Company in 1891. Beginning in 1900, the company produced chairs and tables in styles ranging from Colonial Revival to early Mission. The company continued to create Colonial American pieces until it ceased production in the…

    Dirk van Erp Hammered Copper & Stenciled Mica Boudoir
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    Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles

    Founded by Constantine Sotirios Boulgaris in 1884, Bvlgari is one of Italy’s oldest jewelry houses. Since its inception, the brand drew inspiration from both the Roman and Greek periods and the Italian Renaissance. In the mid-1950s, Bvlgari introduced a jewelry line using a wide range of color combinations and gemstones,…

    Important Bulgari Gemstone Brooch
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    Shooting Gallery Targets, Folk Art, Americana

    The World’s Greatest Shooting Gallery Target Auction, offered by Dirk Soulis Auctions, contains a selection of items from the Tucker Collection, including furniture and accessories, folk art, Americana, and early 20th-century iron shooting gallery targets. Most of the latter still retain their original paint. One of the targets up for…

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    American Furniture, Folk and Decorative Arts: Session II

    1981 represents an important period in the career of Helen LaFrance, an often-overlooked African American painter of the late 20th century. Her work shows the influence of the disappearing lifestyle and culture of the rural American South. Beyond themes of rural life, she paints many religious concepts and floral studies…

    A Clews Transferware Plate, Landing of Gen. Lafayette
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    Fine and Decorative Arts: Day 2

    Founded in 1886, Newcomb College was the first women’s coordinate college within an American university. The school, which was famous for its pottery, provided an opportunity for women to acquire industrial skills during the postwar period. The embroidery curriculum, introduced later, offered a quality standard similar to the college’s pottery…

    Chinese Junyao Porcelain Vase Ex Beatty Coll.
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    Clearance - Ancient, Pre-Columbian, Ethno Art

    Under a powerful spell, Hercules killed his wife and children. Upon realizing, he was filled with guilt and went to the Oracle at Delphi and asked for her help. The oracle commanded Hercules to visit and serve his cousin, King Eurystheus, who would give him 12 tasks that Hercules must…

    Etruscan Bucchero Amphora w/ Animals, ex-Christie's
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    Fine Art & Antiques Sessions I and II

    A painting titled Chat-Chat-Chat from Roberto Matta will be offered by Simpson Galleries in the upcoming Fine Art & Antiques sale. Believed to be a portrait of the Chilean artist and his wife Germana Ferrari, the pastel and oil painting from around 1997 shows a courting couple. Matta began his…

    ROBERTO MATTA (Chilean 1911-2002) A PAINTING, Chat-Chat-Chat, 1997