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    Holy Smokes! Lion and Unicorn's August 23rd Sale Features Collectible Tobacciana Items

    The collecting category tobacciana includes items related to tobacco products, companies, or promotion. Fine jars, ashtrays, and other smoking associated accoutrements continue to light up enthusiasts, with the rarest examples generating four and five figures at auction. Lion and Unicorn of Hollywood, Florida is presenting nearly 600 lots of pub…

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    Estate jewelry and decorative art will come under the Akiba Antiques hammer this September

    Akiba Antiques will host an auction of fine jewelry, decorative art, and vintage furniture on September 8th, 2020. Live bidding for over 600 lots will start at 2:00 PM EDT. The auction is set to offer items from across many eras and styles, including 19th-century mantel clocks and Art Deco-era…

    Pair Of 10 Carat Diamond and Gold Stud Earrings
  • Auction Preview

    Spring Major Fine Art and Asian Auction

    Felicie Waldo Howell was best known for her marine landscapes. Her early works captured interiors and nature scenes. The upcoming Spring Major Fine Art and Asian Auction, presented by Sarasota Estate Auction, features an oil painting titled Washington Square by Howell. The Impressionist palette painting is an example of her…

    Spring Major Fine Art and Asian Auction Sarasota Estate Auction
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    Coin-Op & Advertising

    Violano-Virtuoso is a coin-operated and self-playing violin and key-less piano, made by Mills Novelty Company. In the upcoming Coin-Op and Advertising Auction, Morphy Auctions displays an example of a bow-front Violano-Virtuoso. This instrument was fully repaired by Robert Loeffler and is made of oak with tiger striping on its cabinet.…

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    Eclectic Collection of Estates Worldwide

    Ernest Trova was a sculptor and Pop artist who rose to fame during the 1960s for his series of sculptures, prints, and paintings titled Falling Man. A self-taught artist, Trova worked as a window dresser in his early years. Inspired by the works of artists such as Jean Dubuffet and…

    (2 Pc) Licio Zanetti Murano Glass Birds
  • Auction Preview

    Collection and Backal Library. Includes Viceroyalty Silver, Miniatures and Mexican Paintings

    One of the leading lots in the upcoming Collection and Backal Library sale, offered by Morton Subastas, is a portrait by Édouard Pingret. His paintings, which mostly favored the Neoclassical style, often captured 19th-century social status. The available piece depicts a woman in a lace dress, resting her elbow on…

    RETRATO DEL REY LUIS XVI DE FRANCIA FRANCIA, SIGLO XIX. Gouache sobre vitela. Marco de latón con esmaltado guilloche
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    Spring Discovery Sale, Day 2

    Japanese binoculars represented the cutting-edge of optics during the early 20th century. Many Japanese naval binoculars could absorb more than 980 times more light than the human eye, allowing for visuals up to 20 miles away. A pair of mounted Japanese binoculars issued between 1939 and 1949 will be offered…

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    AC Stickley Arts & Crafts Auction

    The upcoming Arts & Crafts Auction, presented by California Historical Design - AC Stickley, offers 400 lots of decorative arts, fine art, furniture, and more. A key item of the sale is a copper and mica lamp designed by Dirk van Erp. Originally from Leeuwarden, Netherlands, van Erp immigrated to California…

    Rare Forest Craft Guild - Dirk van Erp Framed Tile
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    Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus wristwatch, Patek Philippe launched several limited-edition versions with embossed dials. Included among these chronograph wristwatches is a Nautilus with a date feature and a 44-millimeter case, the largest case in the Nautilus family. Patek Philippe produced 1,300 of these watches. Presented in…

    Patek Philippe Nautilus 5976/1G
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    Online Only Decorative Arts

    The Online Only Decorative Arts auction, presented by Pook & Pook, features pieces ranging from armoires to ethnographic art. Among the key lots is a Pennsylvania hard pine schrank. Popular in the 18th century, schranks were a type of armoire that typically held clothing and bedroom linens. One of their…

    Large chalkware stag
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    Country Americana

    Canton porcelain has been exported to the West since the 1600s. Toward the end of the 18th century, Canton porcelain decorated the homes of many wealthy Americans. The blue and white pieces are known to have decorated the tables of Martha and George Washington. The upcoming Country Americana Auction, presented…

    Country Americana
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    Eclectic Collection of Estates Worldwide

    Leading the upcoming Akiba Antiques auction is a set of 18 lithographs from the Olympic Centennial Suite. These pieces were created between 1991 and 1992 to commemorate the foundation of the International Olympic Committee. Intended to represent a century of artistic expression, the collection includes Abstract, Minimalist, Hyperrealist, and Conceptual…

    Set of Chanel Earrings
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Art, Antiques & Jewellery – Day 1

    The first day of the upcoming Fine Art, Antiques & Jewelry auction, presented by Elstob & Elstob Auctioneers, offers a selection of decorative art, Asian works of art, jewelry, and more.  Showcased in the auction is a pair of Chinese gold dragon bangles that come in a Tiffany & Co.…

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    Prints + Multiples

    The upcoming Prints + Multiples Auction, offered by Rago, will present a selection of works from both Modern and contemporary artists. On offer are several recognizable prints by Andy Warhol, including pieces from his Campbell’s Soup can series. Soup varieties represented are Vegetable, Old Fashioned Vegetable, and Onion. A related…

    Robert Cottingham, Art
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    Play! Toys, Comics, Advertisements, & Collectibles

    The upcoming Toys, Comics, Advertisements, and Collectibles auction, offered by Selkirk Auctions, will include over 350 lots. Sports memorabilia is notably represented by a limited edition display of 25 photographs and signatures of winners of the golf Masters Championship from 1976 through 2000. The display also contains a four-day ground…

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    Ancient, Ethnographic & Tribal Arts

    The ancient inhabitants of Nayarit were proficient in ceramics. At that time, pottery became a visual method of expression to pass on religious, philosophical, and astronomical knowledge. Several pieces of ancient Nayarit pottery from 200 BCE to 200 CE will be showcased in the upcoming Ancient, Ethnographic & Tribal Arts…

    International Ethnographic Arts
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    2 Day Ceramic Auction, Day 2

    A selection of Doulton, Wilkinson, and World’s Fair Pottery will be showcased on the second day of Whitley’s Auctioneers' upcoming Two-Day Ceramic Auction. Featured in this sale are character jugs, liquor containers, advertising ware, and more. Highlighted in the event is a Wilkinson WWII General Douglas Macarthur character jug. This…

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    Fine Art & Antiques Session II

    Alan Bean was the fourth astronaut to walk on the moon on the Apollo 12 mission. He resigned after 18 years as an astronaut to paint the sights he had seen beyond Earth. Painting his experiences on canvas, the artist created textures in his work using lunar tools. In the…

    A PAINTING, Dairy Cows in Pasture with Farmhouse
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    European Furniture & Decorative Arts

    Wedgwood pottery made a breakthrough with the introduction of Jasperware, followed by other distinct styles of tableware. The “Fairyland Lustre” series was introduced by Wedgwood in 1915, a year after the start of the First World War. According to antique dealer Nicholas Dawes, "Many Europeans were looking for something to escape…

    European Furniture & Decorative Arts
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    The John Steinbeck Collection

    After remaining in storage for almost 20 years, a selection of ephemera, documents, and memorabilia from the estate of John and Elaine Steinbeck will come to auction. The event, offered by Curated Estates Auctions, will include more than 200 items from the couple’s life together. John Steinbeck’s novels on the…

    Photo of Elaine Pastures of Heaven - John Bryson