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Established in 1979, R.O. Schmitt Fine Arts, LLC, proudly identifies as the nation's leading horological auction house. Specializing in antique clocks and watches, jewelry, music boxes, and scientific instruments, they cater to an extensive and diverse body of cosmopolitan collectors, satisfying the most exceptional of palates. To date, they have partnered with for 50 of their catalogued auctions.

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  • Auction Preview
    Schmitt Horan & Co Presents E. Howard’s Astronomical Regulator Clocks and Rare Sun – Star Chronometer Aviator’s Navigational Watch

    Unlike regular clocks in the 1700s and later, astronomical regulators were known to be accurate time-keeping devices with precise finishing. Few companies made such clocks designed mainly for scientific observations. One such firm was E. Howard and Company of Boston, reputed for its quality clocks, regulators, watches, and scales since 1842. Howard’s No. 61 standing astronomical regulator is currently up for bid in the upcoming auction at Schmitt Horan & Co. This particular clock has a silvered dial that indicates hours, minutes, and seconds. It is enclosed in a walnut case with burl walnut details and bold moldings. Other features include a pendulum rod, four mercury vials, door key, and two pulleys.   Several other antique clocks and regulators are also on offer, including a rare and important Sun-Star Chronometer aviator's navigational watch. This watch was designed by Ulysse Nardin, LeLocle, for the Batori Computer Co. Inc., New York.  Beyond these, the sale will also feature wristwatches such as a heavy 18-karat gold wristwatch by Philippe Charriol, an Omega speedmaster racing wrist chronograph and a Patek Philippe wristwatch with curb link bracelet. There are also 19th- and 20th-century mantel clocks and skeleton clocks. View the complete catalog for this Live Auction of Saturday, October 28th, 2023 and find other online auctions on Bidsquare. 

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    19th-Century Black Forest Uhrentrager, French Hour Repeating Carriage Clock Available in Assorted Timepieces Sale

    An iconic representation of the Black Forest clock industry is the clock peddler. Today, it is still used as a symbol. Early Black Forest clocks were produced by farmers in the cold winter months, which led to the clock peddler's origin. These clocks were carried on the backs of young men into distant lands, where they were sold. An uhrentrager or clock peddler was a type of miniature made by the Black Forest clock industry in the 1850s and 1860s. One such clock peddler figure will be highlighted in this upcoming sale, presented by Schmitt Horan & Co. This polychrome painted sheet iron figure has a wooden head, hands, and legs. The peddler is dressed in a Black Forest costume, holding a shield clock with an additional clock on his back.  Another notable lot is a carriage clock featuring Limoges panels dating from the late 19th century. The available watch has a ribbed handle with a beveled glass inspection panel atop a stepped upper section, and fluted reeded columns at the corners. The Roman numeral dial is made with an eight-day movement. It plays the hours and half hours, with the last hour repeated as needed. Visit Bidsquare for more information on the upcoming Watches & Clocks, Parts, Tools, and Mechanical Music sale and to browse other online auctions.

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    Sigmund Riefler Signed Regulators and Rare Clocks in Upcoming Schmitt Horan & Co. Event

    Sigmund Riefler (1847 - 1912) was a renowned German inventor and precision clockmaker. Riefler’s late 19th-century regulators accelerated the accuracy of pendulum clocks. His all-mechanical pendulum clocks were being used as benchmarks in astronomical and naval observatories, alongside meridian telescopes. An early 20th-century type D observatory tank regulator from Sigmund Riefler is currently up for bid in the upcoming Schmitt Horan & Co auction. The regulator has a silvered astronomical dial with blued steel hands. The device is held within a copper cylinder covered with a transparent bell jar and suspended by a heavy cast iron bracket. The clock was originally housed at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope (now Cape Town), South Africa.  Several early 20th-century regulators are on offer, including a bow front astronomical regulator by Zenith, a Riefler type B astronomical regulator, and a very rare precision tank regulator by Peyer & Favarger. Beyond these lots, the sale will also feature vintage hanging clocks, a William Cummens Roxbury Banjo Clock, a mid-20th century United Mfg. Co. coin-operated Sparky bowling arcade game, as well as watches from Rolex and Longines. Interested collectors can view the entire catalog, register to bid online on Bidsquare, and browse other online auctions.