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Schmidt’s Antiques is now in its second century serving Antiques buyers and sellers from around the world.  Originating in Troy, New York when in 1911 Neils Iver Schmidt began selling refurbished Victorian sofas from his upholstery shop window.  Neils, a Danish immigrant, saw an opportunity and quickly established a business buying and selling antiques full time, he was later joined in the venture by one of his four sons, Alfred.  A natural entrepreneur, Alfred Schmidt has soon operating his own shop and around the end of WWI, moved to Detroit where he opened an Antiques store and also wo...Read More
rked as an auctioneer.Read Less

Auction Previews & News

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  • Auction Preview
    Ceramics 2020 Gallery Auction

    As Théodore Deck began his ceramics career in early 19th-century Paris, he developed an interest in traditional Islamic pottery and glazes. This interest fueled decades of research and development, eventually defining Deck’s style. One of his glazed earthenware vases will be highlighted in Schmidt’s Antiques’ upcoming Ceramics 2020 Gallery Auction. The piece was created in the style of the Mamluk sultans, who ruled Egypt between 1250 and 1517. During their reign, they sponsored many ceramicists in the western Anatolia region. Deck’s lamp invokes the style of those Persian artisans. Made with turquoise, red, and navy blue colors, decorative Arabic calligraphy wraps around the vase. Many of the artist’s other works are also available in this auction, including a swirled yellow and blue charger, a Turkish-inspired covered box, and an arabesque rosewater sprinkler.  Several available ceramic tiles from Persia follow the same style as Deck’s vases. One notable piece from 1319 shows a man fighting a winged lion with mountains in the background. White calligraphy frames the scene, where the man appears to be stabbing the beast’s stomach. A more recent tile from the early Qajar dynasty shows Khosrow and Shirin, two characters from a Persian tragic romance, against a dark blue background.  An Edo period tokkuri, or sake flask, will be available as well. This white porcelain piece has a low-relief decoration of dragons, tigers, flowers, and scrollwork. Completing the sale is a selection of English transferware items from the “Durham Ox” and “Indian Sporting” series. View each of these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare.   

  • Auction Preview
    Antique Auction

    Henry Ford was a visionary and a world-class business tycoon. The revolutionary industrialist is amidst the few who had the privilege of creating history. One of his historic cars is being featured in an upcoming Antique Auction offered by Schmidt's Antiques Inc. The 1916 Ford, Model T Roadster comes with a four-cylinder inline engine, the three-door convertible body carrying upholstered seats, and a fascinating fold-down top. This being the highlight of the auction will leave everyone staggered with its beauty and elegance. The next item among the lot of 102 will take the breath away with its truly flawless woodwork; the Italian three-piece office set is an item full of motifs that date back to the 1920s. However, what gives it an artistic touch is the walnut with carved figural detail representing soldiers. Similarly, a six-piece Sterling coffee & tea set is from one of the largest American manufacturers of sterling and silver plate, Gorham. It is a perfect piece for special occasions or just as a showpiece as the set includes a creamer, covered sugar bowl, waste bowl, coffee pot, teapot, and hot water kettle. For more information visit LiveAuctioneers.