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  • Auction Preview
    The June Estate Auction

    Renaissance painter Raphael was a master artist known for his self-portraits and paintings of mythological characters. His popular Madonna Della Sedia painting, executed between 1513 and 1514, is a round portrait of Mary holding a baby Christ with young John the Baptist watching them devoutly. The upcoming sale, offered by Leland Little Auctions, presents a 20th-century adaptation of the Madonna Della Sedia after Raphael. A contemporary decorative painting of a spaniel by John Gray and a vintage harbor scene by seascape artist M. Powell are other notable lots.  The auction also showcases items from the 19th century. Highlights include a set of 18 volumes of Current History and Modern Culture from 1902 and a midwestern photography archive of the Sergeant and Baker families. Several Persian rugs, including Hamadan, Kashan, Kilim, and Senneh carpets, are also featured. A selection of Staffordshire porcelain, bronze sculptures, Cannondale bicycles, and French rifles round out the catalog. Interested collectors can explore the full listings and register to bid online on Leland Little Auctions.

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    Fine Wine and Rare Spirits

    A selection of fine wines, along with Doc Swinson’s bourbon whiskey and Jim Beam whiskey in Ducks Unlimited decanters, can be found in the upcoming Fine Wine and Rare Spirits auction. Highlighted in this Leland Little event are three bottles of 2009 Chateau Pontet Canet Magnums. This wine is aged for 16 months in oak barrels in a vineyard composed of quaternary gravel. Its fragrances include blackcurrant and blackberries with subtle notes of cedar. Three bottles of 2013 Verite are also showcased. This wine has received critical acclaim and celebrates the quality of fruit grown in Sonoma County, California. Hints of “graphite, cedarwood, charcoal, crème de cassis, and forest floor” can be found in this wine. View the complete listings and register to bid by visiting Leland Little. 

  • Auction Preview
    21st Annual Memorial Day Auction

    A particular highlight in the upcoming 21st Annual Memorial Day Auction, presented by Leland Little, is a recently rebuilt 1971 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Clone. Chevrolet was founded with the partnership of Louis Chevrolet, an automotive engineer, and William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors. The available vehicle was built as a replica of a Yenko Nova. Painted in red and black, its interior includes vinyl seats.  Beyond automobiles, musical instruments are also available in the upcoming event. Among them is a 2006 Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. Instruments from Gibson Les Paul are often associated with popular figures in the music industry, such as Jimmy Page, Bernie Marsden, and Keith Richards. Made in Nashville, the guitar is designed with a bound maple top with a cherry-red sunburst finish. A French bronze mantel clock will also be available. The piece, dating back to the 19th century, is enameled with Roman numerals on the brass face. View more items and register to bid online on Invaluable

  • Auction Preview
    Fine Estate Jewelry, Sterling Silver, & Coins

    Following a Pennsylvania silversmith apprenticeship in 1815, Samuel Kirk began a shop of his own in Baltimore, Maryland. Kirk was best known for his technique of creating shapes and designs on hammered silver. A Kirk sterling silver bowl from 1903 is featured at the upcoming Fine Estate Jewelry, Sterling Silver, & Coins Auction, offered by Leland Little. The sale will include a collection of vintage furniture, jewelry, coins, and contemporary art. Jewelry items such as an 18-karat gold and amethyst pendant necklace will be especially highlighted. According to Greek mythology, amethyst is dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry. A Spanish colonial silver cob coin set in a pendant is also included in the sale. The coin was created in Mexico City during the 1650s. It shows Spain's coat of arms on one side, with castles and lions on the other. This item, a classic “Piece of Eight,” has the dark coloring and slightly rough surfaces associated with salvage from a shipwreck. Find more of these items and register to bid online on Invaluable

  • Auction Preview
    The May Estate Auction

    Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation was a prominent jukebox manufacturer during the ‘Golden Age.’ Founded in 1927 by David Cullen Rockola, the American company was initially known for its coin-operated machines. The upcoming auction, offered by Leland Little, will present a Rock-Ola Tempo II jukebox manufactured in 1960. This Model 1478 jukebox remains popular for its car-like appearance with fins and a window screen. It holds forty 45 rpm records potentially belonging to an old Chapel Hill restaurant.  Another highlight is an Sp-10 HD stereo preamplifier from Audio Research Corporation, one of the oldest audio equipment manufacturers still in operation. The re-introduction of the vacuum tube as a primary device for amplification was a significant development from Audio Research. This 1928 preamplifier with vacuum tubes is among the top ten preamplifiers of history. Other vintage music accessories such as a ‘Vibro Champ’ guitar amplifier by Fender and a pair of JBL L166 loudspeakers are also featured. From the selection of shotguns and rifles, a Civil War Colt Army percussion revolver with an 8-inch barrel is notable. Rounding out the sale is a selection of lamps, Federal and Chippendale-style furniture, Mary Frances handbags, Waterford glassware, and timepieces. Interested collectors can explore the full listings and register to bid online on Invaluable.

  • Auction Preview
    The April Estate Auction

    In the upcoming Leland Little sale, a selection of furniture, paintings, and other items can be found. This April Estates Auction highlights a pair of Georgian mahogany bachelor’s chests. These late-20th century chests sport bow-front forms with graduated banded drawers, all resting on French bracket feet. They measure 33 x 36 x 19 inches. The Backwoods Bacchus, a mixed media piece from Louis St. Lewis, is also included in this auction. It was made using paint and printed material, some using the reverse glass method. The lot comes with a gilt frame and matting. Also included in the auction is a Sheffield Plate double wine cooler, a 1940 oil painting of zinnias and marigolds by German-American artist Hans Weingaertner, a pair of Neo-Classical urns, and a French inlaid vitrine. Visit Invaluable for the complete catalog and to place a bid.  

  • Auction Preview
    The March Estate Auction

    Candlelight dominated the 18th century, particularly within the salons of the nobility. Brass was one of the widely-used alloys for Spanish candlesticks. One of the leading lots in the upcoming March Estate auction, to be presented by Leland Little, is a set of eight Spanish brass candlesticks. These items have screws on their bases with stylized paw feet. The tallest candlestick measures 12 inches high. This lot belongs to the Estate of the Late Phyllis J. Prather, owner of The Brass Lantern in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Another featured 18th-century lot is an English Chippendale mahogany chest of drawers. Designed with an applied molded edge, this piece has two side-by-side and three graduated drawers, all with applied cockbeading. The auction will also showcase a painting based on British landscape artist Samuel Scott’s Old London Bridge. This oil on copper work is presented with a period brass frame. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Invaluable  

  • Auction Preview
    The Important Spring Auction

    Édouard Cortès was a Post-Impressionist artist recognized for his Parisian paintings. He was often called Le Poète Parisien de la Peinture (the Parisian Poet of Painting) for his affinity towards the city. Cortès frequently painted landscapes of Paris in various seasons and light conditions. Leland Little features Cortès’ Place Saint-Michel, Paris oil painting in the upcoming Important Spring Auction. The sale also showcases works by equine painter George Ford Morris, who created horse portraits for nearly seventy years.  Jewelry items such as platinum and diamond rings, gemstone brooches, bracelets, and earrings are also highlighted. Writer-turned-jewelry designer Elizabeth Locke was sent to Bangkok in the 1980s to cover a shopping story about custom jewelry. Mesmerized by the overall process, Locke enrolled herself at the Gemological Institute of America. Her travel and writing experience influenced the design of her Greek, Etruscan, and Roman-inspired jewelry pieces. Offered in this auction is a yellow gold hand-hammered necklace with cabochon ruby accents by Elizabeth Locke. Collectors can also explore Peter & William Bateman's silverware, several pieces of furniture, a selection of Chanel handbags, and Chinese decorative arts. View the entire catalog and register to bid online by visiting Invaluable

  • Auction Preview
    The Contemporary Art Auction

    American photographer Sally Mann is best known for her black and white photographs of landscapes and her own family members. The upcoming Contemporary Art Auction, offered by Leland Little, features an untitled 1997 landscape print from Mann’s Mother Land: Virginia Series. The tea-toned, gelatin silver print was captured with damaged old lenses and printed with the wet collodion technique. Award-winning feminist photographer Tomoko Sawada is known for her self-portraits satirizing contemporary stereotypes. She makes use of photo booths and her studio to take portraits that resemble identification cards. The auction presents the Cover/Face series of 20 chromogenic prints by Sawada. The collection explores the influence of Western culture on beauty trends among Japanese youth. The dark tan and contrasting bright makeup shown in the photos was a popular fashion trend among Japanese women during the mid-1990s. Also showcased are works by artists such as Alex Prager, Muzi Quawson, Thomas Daniel, and Tom Fabritius. Interested collectors can explore the complete listings and register to bid online on Leland Little.

  • Auction Preview
    Fine Wine & Rare Spirits, Live Auction

    Showcased in Leland Little’s upcoming Fine Wine & Rare Spirits Live Auction is a selection of Screaming Eagles wines. Screaming Eagle Winery and Vineyards is located in California’s Napa Valley. What began as a 57-acre vineyard in 1986 that only sold to various local wineries is now produces some of the most celebrated and expensive wines in the Napa Valley. In 1995, the winery replanted to cover three varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. It now grows and produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and a small number of Sauvignon Blanc wines. Featured in the auction is one bottle from 1996, two bottles from 1998 and three bottles from 2001, all from Screaming Eagle. Also included are bottles of Very, Very Old Fitzgerald bourbon whiskey, Four Roses blended whiskey, Seagram’s V.O. Canadian whiskey, and more. View the entire wine collection and place a bid by visiting Leland Little’s website.

  • Auction Preview
    President’s Weekend Gallery Auction

    Leland Little presents a selection of decorative arts, Asian arts and antiques, and collectibles in the upcoming Presidents’ Gallery Weekend Auction. Featured is a LeCoultre Atmos clock. The clock was invented in 1928 by Swiss engineer Jean-Léon Reutter, who desired to create a clock that would run forever. The result was the Atmos, which is driven by changes in ambient temperature. A sealed capsule of gas and liquid expands and contracts as the temperature rises and falls, winding the mainspring of the clock. Other highlights of this auction include a vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machine. Singer commissioned these model 221 sewing machines in 1933. Featherweight machines were only made in the United States until production stopped in 1957.  The auction also offers sculptures and furniture. John Rogers’ The Council of War sculpture is a notable piece. An American sculptor, Rogers produced popular, relatively inexpensive figurines in the late 19th century. Popularly termed ‘Rogers Groups,’ he mass-produced sculptures in cast plaster. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Leland Little.

  • Auction Preview
    Asian Arts, Glass, & Musical Instruments

    During the Qing dynasty, Chinese porcelain was often made with bright colors and meticulously painted scenes. Chinese craftsmen began applying a variety of underglaze pigments to floral and landscape scenes, a much-prized style in the West. Porcelain from the Qing dynasty is available in the upcoming Asian Arts, Glass, & Musical Instruments Auction, offered by Leland Little. Over 250 lots of musical instruments, Chinese paintings, and collectibles are up for auction. Among the featured items is a Fender mandolin. Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, founded by Leo Fender, was the first to mass-produce electric guitars and other instruments. Among the vintage and antique lots, a Chinese floor screen stands out. The front of this six-paneled carved floor screen shows children playing in a courtyard and women fishing, all on a black background. The reverse depicts birds and flowers. Another key lot of this sale is a pre-war Japanese violin. Manufactured in the 1920s or 1930s, the violin has a Nippon hardshell case and Bausch cello bow. Browse the catalog and register to bid by visiting Invaluable

  • Auction Preview
    Winter Gallery Auction

    Lazy Susans, also known as dumbwaiters, date back to 18th century England. Although the origin of the word is a mystery, some say Thomas Jefferson invented the term because his daughter complained of being served last at dinner. The spinning disks assist in serving meals and contributed to the replacement of servants. A dining table and vintage supper server plate in the Lazy Susan style are among the highlights of the upcoming Winter Gallery Auction, presented by Leland Little Auctions. Another featured lot of the sale is an etching of an Orange County courthouse in North Carolina by Louis Orr. Considered to be a master etcher, Orr is celebrated for his extensive series of North Carolina etchings that he completed over 12 years. He often depicted landscapes, historical spots, houses, and plantations in his work. Also offered in the auction is a late 18th-century Chippendale-style walnut chest of drawers. The chest has four large and five smaller drawers, each with a brass handle. To browse the complete catalog of this auction and register to bid, visit Leland Little Auctions.

  • Auction Preview
    The New Year’s Weekend Gallery Auction

    In the early 18th century, Spanish master Francisco Goya created Los Caprichos, a satire of his contemporary society. Goya’s body of work was withdrawn from public sale and published as an album in 1799. Almost two centuries later, in the mid-1970s, Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí offered his interpretation of Goya’s work in the Los Caprichos de Goya by Dalí series. One hand-colored etching from the collection is highlighted in the New Year's Weekend Gallery Auction presented by Leland Little Auctions. The sale emphasizes antique furniture, both Continental and American, as well as fine art and prints. A 19th century yellow pine stepback cabinet is a key lot. The cabinet has a two-part form with a step-cut pediment on a flush molded base. Other notable furniture includes a late 20th century Chippendale-style porter's chair and a Scottish George III linen press. Several pieces of fine art are also available. These include a hand-colored engraving by Johan Frederik Clemens, an oil painting titled Amaryllis by Bernique Longley, and a 1975 lithograph by Norman Rockwell. Find more information by visiting Leland Little Auctions.

  • Auction Preview
    The Important Winter Auction

    Leland Little upcoming Important Winter Auction has pieces from five North Carolina estates and collections. It will present a variety of jewelry, furniture, fine art, and more. Jewelry items are of particular interest in this sale, including a diamond and palladium ring. Palladium is a refined metal that often substitutes for platinum and can be alloyed with gold to create white gold. The ring available in this sale takes a square shape and is set with two brilliant-cut diamonds. Ten smaller diamonds fall in line behind one of the gems.  Three works by Dale Chihuly will also be on offer in this auction. His trademark glass sculptures include Seaform and two pieces from his Persian series. The latter sculptures are more experimental and asymmetrical, growing from the artist’s interest in early Middle Eastern glasswork. A Keith Haring screenprint, a crimped paper hanging light, and several flatware sets will be available as well. Browse the full catalog and register to bid on Leland Little.