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Lab Grown Auctions is proud to offer 100% conflict-free diamonds that are ethically grown in state-of-the-art facilities.

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    GIA-IGI Certified Lab-Created Diamonds Come to Sale With Lab Grown Auctions

    Lab-grown diamonds are human-made synthetic stones produced in a controlled environment in contrast to naturally-formed ones. They are made of the same material as the ones found in nature with identical physical and chemical characteristics. Antoine Lavoisier, the central figure in modern chemistry, first discovered this similarity. Thereafter, several scientists, including James Ballantyne Hannay and Ferdinand Frédéric Henri Moissan, attempted to convert low-cost forms of carbon into diamond. The upcoming sale from Lab Grown Auctions will offer a variety of laboratory-created diamonds. One of the highlights is a pair of diamonds, weighing 35.50 carats. The cushion cut diamonds are IGI graded and have a "crushed ice" or needle-like facet pattern. Another noteworthy piece is a heart cut gem, weighing 21.53 carats. The heart-shape diamond was first mentioned in the 15th century in a correspondence between the Duke of Milan and his confidante. An oval cut stone of 17.23 carats also leads the listings. The elongated form is a combination of the classic round brilliant and distinctive modern styles. It appears larger than its actual carat weight. To view the complete catalog and register to bid in the upcoming GIA-IGI Certified Real Diamonds, Lab Grown sale, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.

  • Auction Preview
    High-Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds Available in Two-Day October Sale

    In this upcoming two-day sale from Lab Grown Auctions, a wide variety of lab-grown diamonds will be available. A total of 700 loose gems will be offered across both days. Based in Sheridan, WY, Lab Grown Auctions offers conflict-free diamonds that are ethically grown and cause minimal environmental damage. Each lot in the two-day event comes with a complementary presentation set and a grading certificate from both the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Leading the first day of the auction is a 21.58-carat emerald-cut diamond with F color and VS1 clarity. This recently-cut stone includes a laser-inscribed IGI number on the girdle, as well as a grading report. Also notable from Day 1 of this auction is a 19.78-carat oval-cut diamond, a 17.58-carat heart-cut diamond, and a 15.00-carat radiant-cut diamond.  Day 2 of the upcoming sale presents additional high-carat stones, including a 22.15-carat pear-cut diamond with F color and VS1 clarity. This large stone is also recently cut and can be customized for a ring, bracelet, pendant, necklace, or earring. During Day 2 of this diamond event, bidders can consider a range of cuts, from round and emerald cuts to cushion and heart cuts. A variety of carat weights are also on offer, starting at just 1.00 carat. To view the complete catalog for the GIA-IGI Certified Real Diamonds, Lab Grown sale and find other online auctions, visit Bidsquare.