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Hotspot Auctions has the experience and knowledge to help you realize good values from the sale of items at auctions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional and ethical auction services with transparent and accountable sales. Here are some categories of items we are focusing on: European oil paintings and other arts & antiques; Asian culture artifacts; Chinese arts & antiques, and fine jewelry.

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  • Auction Preview
    Antique Buddhist Statues Come to Sale With Hotspot Auctions

    Every position, posture, and hand gesture shown in depictions of Buddha has a meaning. The standing position signifies his guidance towards the process of achieving Nirvana. When both feet are placed firmly on the ground, it indicates Buddha is prepared to start traveling and teaching. The upcoming sale by Hotspot Auctions will feature a set of three gilding copper standing Buddha statues. Each statue displays a “mudra,” a Sanskrit word for hand gesture. The one with his arms pointed to ground but palms facing up means he is either accepting charity or granting a blessing or both. Mudra is an unspoken form of communication that emphasizes internal process without words.  Two other noteworthy pieces made of gilding copper are gem-inlaid Tibetan statues of Mahākāla, a wrathful manifestation of Buddha. He is depicted with a ferocious expression, crown of skulls, multiple arms, and in primordial union with his consort. The deity is considered as a "Protector of the Dharma" in various traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Esoteric Buddhism, and Shingon. A Chinese gilded copper helmet belonging to the Ming dynasty also leads the listings. To view the complete catalog and register to bid in the upcoming Fine Chinese Arts & Antiques sale, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.

  • Auction Preview
    Rare Gold and Silver Inlay Bronze Lei and Gilt Bronze Manjushri Statue Lead Upcoming Sale by Hotspot Auctions

    Popular in ancient China, a lei is a large bronze wine jar, designed with two handles and a narrow neck. It was widely used from the late Shang dynasty rule to the Eastern Zhou dynasty period. The unique vessel was crafted in both square and round shapes. The upcoming sale from Hotspot Auctions will feature a rare gold and silver inlay bronze lei. The jar is richly adorned with brocade-like geometric patterns and bird and animal motifs. Another noteworthy Chinese inlay lot is a Hetian jade hardstone vase. Valued for its durability and splendor, jade is historically associated with spiritual essence and immortality. Equally interesting is an antique rosewood jade inlaid table screen. In previous eras, such screens were placed on the table to shield from breeze or to provide privacy.  A gilt bronze Manjushri statue also leads the listings. Manjushri is believed to be the embodiment of wisdom in Buddhism. After renouncing his kingdom and other worldly affairs, he received bodhisattva vows and eventually attained enlightenment. To view the complete catalog and register to bid in the upcoming December Fine Asian Works of Art Session sale, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.