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Hong Kong Auctions,established in 2002, Hong Kong and specializes in Chinese and Asian Arts: Traditional Paintings, Ceramics, Bronzes and Works of Art. We have attracted a strong following of collectors from China and Asia. In 2004, a New York office was created and four times a year, auctions are held here at the Lefcourt Colonial Building on New York's Madison Avenue. Young and seasoned collectors alike share the same rare opportunity to own cultural and historic treasures.

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    Gianguan Auctions sale highlights early Buddhist art, historic paintings & jade carvings

    Lot 31 Northern Wei, A Very Rare Jade Carving of Sakyamuni Maitreya. NEW YORK, NY.-Gianguan Auctions will hold its online auction sale this October 11. Presenting top tier Buddhist art in its splendid forms with an outstanding collection of jade, crystal and ceramic devotional statues, reflecting regional and highly personal interpretations of the deities, creating an aesthetic that is both sacred and decorative. The strength of the spiritual philosophy is portrayed in this Northern Wei Dynasty, Buddhist Stele, Lot 26, Of pointed arched form, finely carved in high relief with a figure of Buddha standing on a pedestal, the feet emerging from the overlapping folds of the long robes, with serene expression beneath a high ushnis between two bodhisattva, standing on upright lotus blossoms guarded by dragons, all below a stupa, against a ground of foliate scrolls, with a flaming Mandorla, flanked on each side by five flying apsara, each with their musical instruments. Est. $20,000 - $30,000 Lot 26 Northern Wei Dynasty, Buddhist Stele Of exceptional quality is Lot 31, A Northern Wei very Rare Jade Carving of Sakyamuni Maitreya (with a Separate Lotus Seat). Carved seated with right hand raised in abhaya mudra and left hand in varda mudra, wearing robes falling in loose folds around the body. The face with long thin nose and full lips drawn in a tender smile, the eyes cast downward in serene contemplation, all framed by elongated earlobes and prominently carved swirling pattern usnisa topknot. Est. $15,000 - $20,000 Lot 31 Northern Wei, A Very Rare Jade Carving of Sakyamuni Maitreya Equally sublime is Lot 30, the Northern Wei Dynasty, Jade Carving of a Standing Sakyamuni Maitreya. Carved standing with right hand raised in abhaya mudra and left hand in varda mudra, wearing robes falling in loose folds around the body. The head with deeply arching eyebrows, narrow eyes and nose and small pursed lips, the hair with characteristic concentrically coiled strands arranged around the usnisa. Est. $10,000 - $15,000 Lot 30 Northern Wei Dynasty, A Very Rare Jade Carving of a Standing Sakyamuni Maitreya The porcelain marquee item, Lot 72, is A…

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    Gianguan Auctions to offer devotional art, bronze, jade and ceramic statues

    Lot 34 Northern Wei, A Very Rare Jade Carving of Sakyamuni Maitreya Seated on a Plinth. NEW YORK, NY.-Gianguan Auctions, known for two decades for offering Chinese religious art at accessible estimates, is poised to present an outstanding collection of devotional art, bronze, jade and ceramic statues in its Saturday, August 29 sale. With devotional art an integral part of the Chinese ethic and highly popular among western practitioners of Buddhism and yoga, Lot 27 is an exceptional offering. A Rare Northern Wei Dynasty seated Bodhisattva, with Crossed Ankles. The face with elongated eyes and serene expression, wearing a long flowing robe cascading over the pedestal-tiered base, leaving the feet exposed and crossed at the ankles, backed by a mandorla incorporating an ovoid aureole carved with lotus petals, the base flanked by two ferocious lions. This powerful figure captures the sculptural style of the Wei period: the serene expression of the delicately featured face, hands adopting the gestures (mudrās) ‘fear-not’ and ‘charity offering’ and the parallel folds of drapery. Est. $15,000 - $20,000. Buddha of carved jade, one of the hardest stones to work, finds a niche in the sale as well. Lot 34, Northern Wei, A Very Rare Jade Carving of Sakyamuni Maitreya Seated on a Plinth. Carved seated in dhyanasana, with right hand raised in abhaya mudra and left hand in varda mudra, wearing robes falling in loose folds around the body. The face with long thin nose and full lips drawn in a tender smile, the eyes cast downward in serene contemplation, all framed by elongated earlobes and prominently carved swirling pattern usnisa topknot. Supported on a rectangular plinth carved with lions in the front and a Buddha on each side. Est. $7,000 - $10,000. From the unifying Sui period comes a gilt-bronze altarpiece of Buddha Maitreya, Lot 40, A free-standing piece with drapery, extending stalks branching in an arch form, with a Buddha sitting atop of the lotus throne, there are altogether seven of them. Seven Buddhas began on the Great Tower of Ashoka, side by side with seven linden or seven towers. In the Northern…

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    Online Bidding, Live-Streaming A Boon To Auction Houses As Coronavirus Proliferates

    Auctioneers grateful for remote-bidding options at a time when many people are avoiding crowd settings NEW YORK, N.Y., USA, March 6, 2020 / -- These are the facts: Covid-19 coronavirus, which the World Health Organization says has a higher fatality rate than the flu, has infected more than 100,000 people in 70+ countries and claimed more than 3,400 lives worldwide. The initial carrier of the virus, at ground zero in Wuhan, China, is still not known. But what is certain is that it can spread from person to person through close contact (within approximately 6ft) or via the transmission of respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Illustration showing symptoms of coronavirus. Courtesy of Mikael Häggström, M.D. Public domain image Medical professionals believe that around 80% of all who contract coronavirus will suffer only minor symptoms, similar to those of a light cold. It’s different, however, for the elderly and those with pre-existing or chronic conditions. Those individuals are considered “high risk” and should avoid crowds to minimize their chances of exposure to the virus. LiveAuctioneers as viewed via mobile phone and desktop computer. LiveAuctioneers image Coronavirus can strike any age group, and even those who are not regarded as high risk are thinking carefully about public exposure. Schools, sports events, houses of worship, supermarkets, movie theaters, airplanes, cruise lines, and certainly the workplace, are all places where transmission might occur. Auction galleries can be added to the list, as well, causing understandable concern within the auction industry. Fear of contracting a virus could cause a major disruption to auction events, and we offer auctioneers a helping hand by enabling contactless online bidding and trust-building video streaming.”— Phil Michaelson - CEO, LiveAuctioneers “With every auction, there’s a lot of pressure,” said Phil Michaelson, CEO of LiveAuctioneers, the online bidding platform used by more than 5,000 auction houses worldwide. “Auctioneers have consignors counting on them to sell their goods, and dealers who attend auctions make their living from reselling the items they purchase. Fear of contracting a virus could cause a major disruption to auction events, and we offer…

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    Gianguan Auctions Announces Highlights Included In Its Annual Spring Sale

    Zhang Daqian, Reminiscing Lotus Harvest. NEW YORK, NY.- As scheduled, Gianguan Auctions will be holding its annual Spring Sale on Monday, March 16, at 6 PM presenting a well curated Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art Collection, featuring a trove of 255 items, fresh to the market. The sale kicks off with Burmese carved jade jewelry pieces, Tianhuang and Shoushan stone seals. Follows by its renowned Classical, modern and contemporary Chinese paintings, interspersed with Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties’ porcelains and works of art. Leading the highlights of ink works is Lot 80. Kwong Lam, Unconstrained Freehand Cursive Script. Breaking away from writing in the traditional sense Lam created calligraphic writing into free-flowing pictorial signs by relinquishing the conscious structure behind ideographic signs. Taking the concept of spontaneity to new heights of expression by discovering the law of nature within oneself. By forgoing the meaning of the individual sign, the function of calligraphy emphasizes “floating clouds” and “immortal dancing” -- in essence, the ecstasy of mind and body conjugated through the unbridled spontaneity of the brush. Lam’s Freehand Script was first exhibited at Beijing’s History Museum in 1994. He is a recipient of the Ellis Island Medals of Honor, 2018. Est. $2,000 - $3,000. A favorite among collectors, Zhang Daiquan, China’s most popular artists is well represented here. In 1941, while stationed in Dunhuang, Zhang painted this large hand scroll, Lot 105, Reminiscing Lotus Harvest, on rice paper measuring nearly three meters across. It displays compelling magnificence in continuous brushwork, without breaking in segments, in realistic and freehand strokes, giving the lotus an innate grace and purity. Estimate upon request. Lot 108 Lotus in the Wind, shows Zhang at work with his Abstract Expressionism. This work, painted with intense and broad washes of layered ink, completed with loose, freehand strokes. Many have noted that Zhang's splashed-ink paintings were representations of a synergy of both Western and Chinese painting practices. Est. 60,000 to $80,000. In Lot 77, the Guanyin portrait he painted is a fresco copy of the Bodhisattva in Mogao Cave. A gentle kindness is conveyed through the Bodhisattva’s solemn disposition.…

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    Fine Chinese Paintings, Ceramics, Bronzes

    Gianguan Auctions will offer the upcoming Fine Chinese Paintings, Ceramics, and Bronzes sale in March. Jewelry, hanging scrolls, and other decorative items across several time periods are among the available items. The Yuan Dynasty was founded and first ruled by Genghis Khan’s grandson, Kublai Khan. It was during this time that Zhao Mengfu, also known as Ziang, created the pen and color hanging scroll showcased in this auction. The Emperor of Dongdan Riding depicts the emperor riding on a decorated white stallion. The scroll is signed “Ziang” with an artist seal, Emperor’s seal, and Collector’s seal.  A set of four hanging scrolls will also be highlighted in the auction. The Gathering of Scholars was completed by Zhang Daqian in 1943. Each scroll is inscribed and signed Daqian Yuan with three artist seals. A jadeite ruby and diamond ring, a Tieh-li-mu cylindrical burl brush pot, and an archaistic jade cicada pendant are included in the auction as well. View the entire collection and place a bid on Invaluable. 

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    Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art

    The upcoming Fine Chinese Paintings, Ceramics, Bronzes and Works of Art Auction presented by Gianguan Auctions offers a variety of Chinese fine art, jewelry, antiquities, pottery, and porcelain. Highlighted in the auction is a blue and white porcelain vase dating back to the Yuan Dynasty. Measuring around 14 inches tall, this vase is decorated with a dragon and leaf-like motifs at the rim. From the Yuan Dynasty, the auction presents another highlight— an ink and paper lettering by Zhao Mengfu, a Chinese calligrapher.  Rejecting the general calligraphy style of his era, he imitated an older style of the Jin and Tang dynasties. Also featured in the sale is a landscape painting by Chen Jiang-Hong, a Chinese-born French painter. He is best known for his abstract works and gestural brushstrokes. Made with ink and color on paper, the artist's painting demonstrates a combination of both traditional Chinese brush painting and the technique of American artists like Helen Frankenthaler. A blue-green glazed plate incised with dragons will be on offer as well. To view these items and explore more of this auction, register to bid on Invaluable.

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    Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art

    For the New York City art community, September 6 – 14 is an exciting week featuring works of art from all over Asia. In correlation with the 2019 September Asian Week, Gianguan Auctions offers their 17th annual fall sale in which they showcase the beauty of Chinese craftsmanship through the centuries.  A four-panel scene from 20th century artist Qi Baishi anchors this 225-lot auction with its detailed depictions of a caterpillar, dragon fly, butterfly and ant. Hanging closely by is the Ming Dynasty-period (16th century) scroll, Meeting of Friends, by Tang Yin. Other intriguing works include several rare carved jade sculptures, painted porcelain vases and much more. With starting bids ranging from $200 to $850,000, collectors of all experience levels will find works of art appropriate for their collections. View the remaining lots and register to bid at Gianguan Auctions today.

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    Luduan censer first of many highlights at Gianguan sale Sept. 9

    A fine gilt bronze luduan censer, incised and decorated with a tootie mask of coral, lapis, jade, malachite and glass. Gianguan Auctions image NEW YORK – On Monday, Sept. 9, Gianguan Auctions will celebrate the 17th running of its annual fall sale. Dovetailing with Asian Art Week, the auction offers fine paintings, carved jades, ceramics, teapots and religious items rich in aesthetics and craftsmanship. This year works by early 21st century Chinese avant-garde artists working the traditional manner will be included. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers. Sale highlights begin with the cover lot, a fine gilt bronze censer in the form of ferocious luduan (above), incised and further decorated with a tootie mask of coral, lapis, jade, malachite and glass. A favorite of Qing emperors, luduan were said to detect truth. This fabulous animal has all the hallmarks of its station: sharp-clawed hooves, bulging eyes, fanged teeth and a single horn. This lavish expression of royal protection is Lot 75, of the Qianlong period, and valued at more than $60,000. Symbolic imagery overflows onto a dragon encrusted, gilt-incised and painted lacquer box (below). The five-clawed beasts of royalty appear in all guises from a commanding frontal facing dragon centered among four in flight to four confronting pair on the outer box. They allude to the desire for longevity that, in the case of emperors, was to realize five generations within his household. (Most emperors died in their 40s.) Enhanced with scrolling gold Tiangi leaves, florals of blue, red and brown, a “Wan” diaper ground, and key fret pattern, the box is in excellent condition for its age. Lot 107 is 20 inches (52.7 cm) tall. It bears the Qianlong six-character mark and is of the period. The estimate is upward of $20,000. A dragon encrusted, gilt-incised and painted lacquer box portending longevity, 22 inches diameter, Qianlong six-character mark and of the period. Gianguan Auctions image The importance of even the most mundane creatures of the natural world comes to light in Leaves and Insects by Qi Baishi (1864-1957). Caterpillar, dragonfly, butterfly and ant take on detailing and density that renders them…