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At the time our family business was born, 101 years ago in New York City, we had gathered the finest antique Oriental rugs the world's markets could offer. Over the generations our collection eventually grew to include contemporary rug designs, floor coverings, fabrics, home furnishings and fine artwork along with our traditional antique rugs.

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  • Auction Preview
    Haji Jalili Persian Rug Highlights Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase Auction

    Intricately woven patterns, high-density knots, and eccentric color palettes are just a few of the characteristics attributed to the Persian weaver and designer Haji Jalili. He was a notable figure in rug making during the 19th century. Haji Jalili was widely recognized for his important Garden of Paradise and Tree of Life motifs, as well as his Court and Continental rug designs. Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase will offer a Haji Jalili Persian rug with a diamond floral design in this upcoming auction. The red, yellow, blue, and black colored antique rug measures over 13 feet long and 18 feet wide.  Also available in the sale is a Moroccan rug measuring four feet long and over seven feet wide. The predominately pink carpet has a central tribal design surrounded by a brightly colored floral pattern. Interested bidders will also find a selection of Kazak, Kerman, Turkish, and Shiraz rugs. Visit Bidsquare to view the complete collection and register to bid.

  • Auction Preview
    Handmade Antique Persian Carpets Offered by Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase

    In late June, a collection of over 100 antique Persian carpets will be available with Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase. Leading the catalog is an antique Persian Farahan Sarouk carpet from the 1890s. Farahan and Sarouk designs come from Western Iran. Detached floral motifs covering the available carpet are distinctly Sarouk. Farahan (or Feraghan) designs are more geometrical with fading green dye. Farahan Sarouk carpets have double weft and a high knot count.  A silk Persian Qum rug measuring 4'4'' x 6'11'' is also on offer. The carpet comes from the Qom province in Iran. The warps and wefts in these carpets are made from fine silk to highlight certain details in their elaborate designs. Due to their silk material, these delicate Qum carpets are often displayed as wall hangings. Other notable lots include a vintage Chinese silk rug with a dragon design and antique Persian Qashqai rugs. Find the full catalog and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan Leads Upcoming Vintage Rugs Sale

    Leading the Fantastic Collection of Vintage and Antique Rugs & Fine Art Auction, presented by Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase, is an antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan. This type of rug is known for non-traditional designs and unique color palettes. The artisans’ designs often take inspiration from the Royal Garden of Kashan, built by Shah Abbas, the monarch of the Safavid dynasty. The offered lot has a dark red color with a thick floral pattern border. A Persian Serapi rug is another highlight of the sale. Serapi rugs emerged at the beginning of the 19th century. These rugs often emphasize details while employing elaborate patterns of medallions, diamonds, and flowers. An antique Turkish silk Hereke rug featuring a medallion design will be on offer as well. Subtle shades of red, ochre, and blue accent the rug. The sale also includes Persian Farahan Sarouk, Turkish Kilim, and Balouch tribal wool rugs. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.