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EJ’S Auction & Appraisal is a turnkey auction company that can handle all aspects of an Estate from appraisals to move out to the sale and collection of funds. Whether or not you have only a few items, or an entire household, we can be of assistance. We have over a combined 45 years experience selling antiques, collectibles, furniture, automobiles, jewelry, pottery, glassware, coins, electronics, office equipment, and nearly everything else.

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  • Press Release
    Bidders Battle Over Collectible Militaria

    On May 18, our country celebrated Armed Forces Day – this is a day we come together and thank our military for their patriotic services. Under the leadership of President Harry S. Truman, the holiday was first celebrated in May 1950 to unify all the armed forces under one agency – the Department of Defense. May is also Military Appreciation Month, and of course, our country will celebrate Memorial Day on Monday, May 27. The heroic and horrific stories of past wars continue to be told through the relics, artifacts, documents, firearms, equipment and other militaria that have survived through time. Some serious collectors will pay top dollar for rare items, as evidenced by the sale of a U.S. flag that sold at auction in 2016 for $514,000. The flag flew from a control boat on D-Day and sold at Heritage Auctions in Dallas for five times the pre-auction estimate. We see militaria from many different countries come through our auction house, and collectors will often battle in bidding frenzies to win a coveted piece of history. Earlier this month, we had a specialty auction on a Friday night that focused on militaria, western and Native American collectibles. The collection belonged to one man who was a big fan of General Custer and he took great care of his collectibles, which included Civil War uniforms, swords, a circa 1880 U.S. Cavalry dress helmet and more. Bidding for the military collectibles was strong both live at the auction house and online. The star of the auction was a Plains Indian beaded deer hide war shirt, which hammered at $1,800. While a Native American collectible, it was worn by a warrior, and appealed to militaria collectors as well. Other items that did well included a Civil War Union nine-button frock coat that realized $750, a U.S. Military circa 1860 Cavalry saber with scabbard that realized $550, a 1917 World War I U.S. American Cutlery Co. trench knife that sold for $475, and a Civil War Illinois Infantry ladder badge that sold for $250. When it comes to assessing value of militaria, rarity,…

  • Press Release
    Rare Militaria, Western & Native American Collectibles To Be Auctioned On Friday, May 10

    GLENDALE, Ariz. (May 6, 2019) – A large collection of rare militaria, western and Native American collectibles dating from the Civil War through World War II will be sold during a specialty auction at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 10 at EJ’s Auction & Appraisal. “With the exception of a few pieces, the collection belonged to one man who loved everything relating to the Wild West,” said Erik Hoyer, owner of EJ’s Auction & Appraisal. “He was a big fan of General Custer and he took great care of his collectibles, which included Civil War uniforms, swords, a vintage Plains Indian beaded deer hide war shirt, a circa 1880 U.S. Cavalry dress helmet, a vintage Native American turkey feather headdress and more.” A free preview will take place Wednesday, May 8 through Friday, May 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. “Our online bidding is already heating up, with the most interest for the Plains Indian beaded deer hide war shirt,” Hoyer said. “It features human hair “scalp locks” and horse hair tassels and is in very good condition.” Hoyer also encourages bidders to come to the auction house Friday night. “While online bidding is convenient, bidding at our auction house not only gives you the chance to examine items before you place your bid, but you’ll pay less with a lower buyer’s premium fee,” he said. EJ’s Auction & Appraisal is located at 5880 W. Bell Road, in Glendale on the northeast corner of 59th Avenue and Bell Road. The auction house conducts weekly Saturday auctions starting at 10 a.m. in three rings. Online bidding is also available. For details, visit www.ejsauction.com or call (623) 878-2003.

  • Press Release
    EJ’S Auction & Appraisal Partners With Goodwill To Help Local Charities Throughout The Year

    School Connect was a recipient of more than $2,700 GLENDALE, Ariz. (May 3, 2019) – Every Saturday, EJ’s Auction & Appraisal is bustling with bidders who purchase estate items both live at the full-service Glendale auction house or online. Items range from Picasso paintings to pots and pans, but sometimes items just don’t sell. On Sundays, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona sends a truck to EJ’s to pick up the excess items that didn’t sell. But it doesn’t stop there. EJ’s and Goodwill have worked out a unique arrangement where Goodwill weighs the donated items that didn’t sell at auction and then donates 10 cents per pound to local charities each quarter. The idea came to life when William McCulloch, EJ’s floor setup manager, approached Joe Barba, Goodwill’s senior donation drive coordinator, to inquire how the two organizations could collaborate to help other non-profits in the community. “William has been spearheading EJ’s charitable programs, and he is passionate about helping others, especially kids,” said Erik Hoyer, owner and auctioneer of EJ’s Auction & Appraisal. “We’ve been pleased with Goodwill’s capacity to accept our donated items, and the fact that they then turn around and donate a percentage back to our local community speaks volumes about the good work they do.” Barba said the partnership with EJ’s aligns with Goodwill’s mission to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build stronger communities. “Goodwill is committed to ending poverty through the power of work and promoting a sustainable environment,” Barba said. “All donated items help drive our vision as we offer no-cost career services where Arizonans can develop their digital skills, connect with career advisors, and meet directly with hiring employers. Every year, Goodwill diverts nearly 200 million pounds of materials from going directly into Arizona landfills.” The unique partnership has helped several non-profits, such as School Connect, which was presented with a check for $2,762. The Arizona-based non-profit works with hundreds of schools in Maricopa County and is expanding to serve other counties throughout Arizona. They are beginning to work with some six other cities across the country, helping schools to build partnerships…

  • Press Release
    Prices Can Soar For Aviation Memorabila

    Earlier this month, we had a specialty auction on a Friday night that focused on aviation memorabilia. As expected for a niche auction like this, the crowds were smaller than our weekly Saturday auctions, and many bidders were registered online. I was fascinated with this collection from the moment it came into our auction house. There were several hundred items that belonged to a former commercial airline pilot who also served as a fighter pilot during his service with the U.S. Air Force. His rare collectibles included military and commercial air mail envelopes and stamps, a large collection of old photographs, with some signed by pilots, black and white press photography, Hughes Airwest flight attendant uniforms, vintage luggage tags, porcelain signs, airplane dash instruments, model airplanes and more. At the start of the auction, we had a bidding war for a binder of 60 foreign air mail stamp covers from all over the world, which hammered at $1,000. Each vintage envelope told a story of its journey throughout Europe, and in some cases, to the United States. Most had multiple stamps and postal markings. The stamp covers were protected in plastic sleeves and in good condition. Why so much interest in a binder full of old, stamped envelopes? It appealed to both stamp collectors and collectors of aviation memorabilia. Air mail in the U.S. didn’t officially start until 1918, though the first authorized mail flight took place in 1911 in Mineola, New York. And when air mail did begin through the Post Office Department, it was the military that provided the air mail service…at least until private companies got involved. Another item that did well was a framed 1934 Air Mail Act fountain pen that realized $800. The pen was used in the signing of the historical “Air Mail Act 1934” and presented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Stephen A. Cisler, General Superintendent of Railway Mail and Air Mail. This was another cool piece of history as it related to a scandal involving President Herbert Hoover’s postmaster general, Walter Brown. It’s worth reading the history behind how this historic…

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    Clear Your Clutter Day And Clean Your Room Day Could Prove To Be Lucrative

    Cleaning…decluttering…some people dread it, and it’s not surprising that a recent study published in Current Psychology found a substantial link between procrastination and clutter problems in all age groups. Sometimes, though, what appears to be old junk can hold value. There’s no better time to find out than during Clear Your Clutter Day on Friday, May 3 and National Clean Your Room Day on Friday, May 10. “Don’t assume that just because something is old, ugly, tattered or missing a part, that it’s worthless,” said Erik Hoyer, owner of EJ’s Auction & Appraisal. “You’d be surprised at what people collect and what they’re willing to pay for. We start our bidding at $10, but I’ve seen some items that were deemed as ‘junk’ sell for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars.” Hoyer shared seven examples of items that could hold value: Mid-Modern Furniture: Think 1950s Herman Miller Eames chairs and anything Danish modern teak…this style is popular and highly sought after depending on the designer. The better the condition, the better the value. In addition to Herman Miller, brands that do well at auction include Heywood-Wakefield, Finn Juhl, and Edward Wormley. Costume Jewelry: This style of vintage ornamentation that originated in the 1920s and exploded in the 1950s could be worth a lot of money depending on the workmanship and materials. Some brands that do well at auction include Weiss, Eisenberg and Lisner. Art That’s Out of Sight: That painting that’s been collecting dust in the closet or garage could be valuable. Check the painting for marks or signatures and check the back for sales receipts or exhibition stamps. These can help an appraiser determine the provenance and value of the painting. Old Audio Equipment: Old radios, jukeboxes, speakers, tube amps…the list of antique and vintage audio equipment in demand is extensive. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be in perfect condition, and sometimes collectors are interested in the parts. Vintage Toys: Demand is high for old, collectible toys in good condition, especially those that are more than 40 years old. Examples include vintage Star Wars toys, Hot Wheels toy cars, Lionel trains, PEZ dispensers, Masters of the…