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China Luban Art and Antique Inc was established in 1998 in Rockville MD, specializing in collecting and trading Ming & Qing furnitures, bronze vessels, porcelains, buddha, jade, jewelries, paintings, clocks and other valued collections. The company owner is dedicated in collecting art and antique over the past 30 years.

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  • Auction Preview
    Fall 2019 Fine Asian Art & Antiques

    This September the 28th could well be marked as the day for antique lovers and collectors as Fall 2019 Fine Asian Art & Antiques auction takes place in Rockville. China Luban Antique offers 399 items, with Asian art and antiques dominating the collection with 397 lots in the category. Starting with the highest estimated value of $30,000 is a blue and white Lovegity vase with Qianlong Mark. The vase is the trademark of the Qing Dynasty and especially comes from the period of Qianlong Emperor. It is said that in Qianlong’s time, the Qing Empire reached its most splendid and prosperous era with a large population and a greater economy. Sitting right beside the beautiful vase is a grapes bronze mirror that includes a Chinese mystical beast. Such mirrors are made out of solid bronze as the front is a shiny polished surface acting as a mirror, while the back has a design cast in the bronze just like in this one. Likewise, the Qing Dynasty is popular in the collection as the next item is from the same era; a gilt bronze Amitabha Buddha, a figure of light and love. The Buddha holding a bottle in his hand compliments other items well with its simplicity and endearing design. Don’t miss out on a wonderful collection of antiques at Invaluable.

  • Auction Preview
    July Asian Antique and Fine Art

    July Asian Antique and Fine Art auction will include a wide span of Asian antiques from the Han and Qing dynasties. The most acclaimed amongst them is a Chinese bronze mirror from Han dynasty with geometrical patterns and dense combination of decorations. Chinese paintings and embroidery are accompanied by prominent examples of Chinese porcelain such as a vase glazed in rich oxblood, monochromatic, red hue; crane, lotus and florals embellished famille(family) porcelain vases, and a traditional blue and white porcelain jar. In addition, the collectors will experience a rather unique opportunity to acquire hand woven oriental rugs. To explore the catalog, visit  China Luban Art and Antique Inc.