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Capitoline Auction Gallery is a premier auction house in the Washington DC Metro area. We specialize in jewelry, fine arts and antiques appraisal and auction services. We service the greater Washington DC area but our buyers come from all corners of the world. Our specialists each have more than 20 years in their respective field. We have a passion for collecting and love what we do. We also offer private sales for important pieces of art to serious collectors.

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  • Auction Preview
    Washington DC Asian Antique & Jewelry #77

    Reign marks on Chinese items record the name of the ruler and the period when the work of art was commissioned. Some of the key lots featured in the upcoming Washington DC Asian Antique & Jewelry auction, presented by Capitoline Auction Gallery, bear examples of these reign marks. The sixth Emperor of the Qing dynasty was known not only as an illustrious military leader but also as an ardent art connoisseur. A patron and preserver of Manchu and Confucian cultures, the Emperor acquired major private collections and incorporated them into his imperial collection.  A colorful Tibetan vase in the famille rose style with a Qianlong mark is especially featured in this sale of over 900 lots. Famille rose porcelain wares are painted in opaque overglaze shades of pink and carmine. The style enjoyed popularity through the 18th and 19th centuries. This auction will also include bronze sculptures, stone and coral jewelry, woodblock prints, and ink painted articles. Many lots are sourced from the collections of former diplomats and statesmen. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Washington Holiday Asian Antique & Jewelry #76

    Introduced during the rule of the Kangxi Empire (1661–1722), famille rose enamelware would eventually grow to include a wide range of tones, colors, and complex depictions. As the famille rose style gave artists greater creative freedom, it continued to enjoy popularity through the 18th and 19th centuries. Several Imperial Chinese famille rose items are among the highlights of the upcoming Washington Holiday Asian Antique & Jewelry sale, offered by Capitoline Auction Gallery. The term famille rose refers to Chinese porcelain wares that are painted with an opaque overglaze in shades of pink and carmine. These colors later came to be known as Yangcai (meaning “foreign colors”).  Blue is another significant color in the Chinese porcelain tradition; it symbolizes wood, spring, and positivity. Blue and white Chinese wares, including dishes and vases, are other key highlights in the sale.   Presenting more than 600 lots, including bronze sculptures, schist fragments, and coral jewelry, the auction will also feature several significant Asian antique pieces. Items from the collections of former diplomats and statesmen will be especially highlighted. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Washington Fall Asian Antique & Jewelry #75

    Explore Asian antiques and jewelry items in the upcoming Washington, DC sale offered by Capitoline Auction Gallery. Wucai is a Chinese technique of decorating porcelain with five colors. The origin of Wucai porcelain dates back to the Ming period. This sale will feature a Wucai vase from the later Kangxi period, showcasing a variation of the technique with shades of green and a blue glaze. A variety of antique porcelain items ranging from crockery to figurines are on offer in this auction. Bronze and carved wood sculptures from the Qing period are also available, as well as South African and Danish currency and antique Chinese stamps. Browse the entire catalog and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Washington Fall Asian Week Antique & Jewelry #74

    The upcoming Washington Fall Asian Week Antique & Jewelry #74 sale by Capitoline Auction Gallery features several important estate finds includes collections from former diplomats and statesmen.  The presence of Imperial famille-rose(rose family) porcelain or wares help to distinguish the auction as an important sale of Chinese decorative art.   Famille-rose porcelain is often characterized by an opaque glaze that enhances a vibrant color palette, and consists of complex imagery like detailed flowers and insects. The immediacy of this artform is still apparent today, apparent in the butterflies that take flight on a Qing dynasty vase and the gem hued lotus blossoms on an Imperial bowl, simply breathtaking accomplishments.  The color palettes are so saturated and mystical, full of poison greens and scarlets, that it almost remains a wonder they were produced by hand at all.   In addition to porcelain the varied auction contains many other decorative categories, including textiles and jewelry. A 19th century Chinese embroidered skirt is a wonderful example of 19th century handwork, and there are several embroidered panels too. The jewelry component contains mainly polished jade and coral pieces, but an unusual ring is an auction highlight, consisting of an opal intricately set in gold and studded with diamonds. There are also rosewood objects, like a 19th century brush pot still in its natural wood form, as well as a beautiful inlaid Chinese Luodian wood box. Rounding out the collection are paintings of Chinese provenance, as well as bronze sculpture, jade and stone carvings, and lacquer boxes.  To view the complete collection and to register to bid go to Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Washington Spring Asian Antique & Jewelry #73

    Capitoline Auction Gallery delivers ancient Asian art forms, such as Chinese antique handmade kesi embroidery, which have long been preserved as an unbroken tradition over many years. Its value surpasses all other antiques with the estimation of $2,000. Much of the auction items, including monochromatic celadon glazed Cong vase along with famille rose porcelain vase embellished with birds and florals, are reflective of the richness of Asian culture. During Qianlong dynasty, the idea of artistry was developed to the degree that it is now considered as the classical period in Chinese art history. Bringing forward an epitome from that era, Washington Spring Asian Antique & Jewelry #73 auction holds Imperial yellow ground green dragon vase for someone looking for a conversation-starter piece. Visit Bidsquare to go through the rest of the amusing catalog.