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    Artist to Know: Lucio Fontana

    Auction Kings Gallery Offers Slashed Painting From the Founder of Spatialism The casual visitor to Lucio Fontana’s studio in the mid-20th century would find an unusual range of tools that he used for his craft. Laid beside the paintbrushes and mixing tools would be sharp knives, jagged pieces of glass, and razors. Using these objects, the Argentine-born Italian artist would slash, poke, and rip apart his paintings. Though criticized for his unusual methods, he left behind a legacy that continues to challenge the concepts of space, gesture, and the sanctity of the canvas. One of Fontana’s signature slashed paintings will be available in Auction Kings Gallery’s upcoming auction, held on October 30th, 2020. Bidding for the work, as well as over 70 other lots, will start at 6:30 PM EDT. Find out more about Lucio Fontana and the artistic movement he started before the auction begins. Ugo Mulas, Lucio Fontana, 1964. Image from Artsy, courtesy of Lia Rumma. The son of a sculptor and an actress, Fontana spent his early years studying architecture, math, and the arts in Italy. He came of age as the Futurist movement began to accelerate and was influenced by its emphasis on speed and technology. Escaping the growing political turmoil that overwhelmed Italy in the 1920s, Fontana first established himself as a sculptor in Argentina. He would eventually bring that background to his paintings.  Time spent in Paris and Buenos Aires introduced Fontana to some of his contemporaries, including Joan Miró and Tristan Tzara. Under their influence, he began to pen manifestos describing his vision for the future of art. Manifesto Blanco (1946) and Primo Manifesto dello Spazialismo (1947) set the groundwork for Spatialism, the movement that Fontana helped launch in his mature career. The Spatialists believed that art and technology should be integrated, blending both science and aesthetics. For Fontana, that concept allowed an overlap between sculpture and visual art. “I do not want to make a painting,” he said, “I want to open up space, create a new dimension, tie in the cosmos, as it endlessly expands beyond the confining plane of the…

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    Fine Art Assortment, Collectible Glass, And Jewelry

    Available in the upcoming Auction Kings sale is a mixed media painting from Jean-Michel Basquiat. The piece is 22 inches high and is signed “SAMO” below Basquiat’s three-pointed crown. During his street art days, he collaborated with Al Diaz under the shared SAMO© moniker. This experience with underground graffiti helped Basquiat develop his more formal style, visible in the available painting. The piece shows two skeletal figures and a shorter man, each with his teeth bared.  Another notable lot is a mixed media on cardboard painting by Tarsila do Amaral. A Brazilian Modernist, her paintings often used vivid colors and geometric shapes to depict landscapes and cultural scenes. This painting places several pink and blue flowers against a grey and violet background. Fine art from Andy Warhol, Markus Prachensky, and Marc Chagall will also be available. Several glassworks are offered as well, including an Italian glass vase spotted with rainbow colors. Browse the full catalog for this event and register to bid on Invaluable.