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Amoskeag Auction Company is a specialty firearms auction company based in New Hampshire. Our experience and location have allowed us to create a highly advantageous environment for marketing collectible firearms at auction. This environment coupled with our high level of integrity and rigorous work ethic have secured our position as one of the major fine arms auction houses in the nation. Jason Devine, the founder and president of the company has been involved in the firearms auction business for over 20 years. He was raised in this business, it was his first trade; his first love. He has seen...Read More
the industry evolve over the years and has watched as new companies have formed. A few survive, and many fall by the wayside. Jason, along with his wife Melissa, built this company on a proven principle: Deliver the kind of service you would want and expect yourself.Read Less

Auction Previews & News

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  • Auction Preview
    Auction No. 125

    Amoskeag Auction’s upcoming Auction No. 125 will present a selection of pistols, handguns, rifles, shotguns, and more. One key lot is a Winchester Model 1873 Deluxe rifle. According to the auction house, this piece remains in its original condition. It was shipped from its warehouse in 1888 and included features such as an octagon barrel, a plain trigger, and a checkered stock with a pistol grip.  A Smith & Wesson No. 2 six-inch barreled pistol with a volcanic lever-action magazine is also available. Smith & Wesson is particularly known for its long history, being in business since 1856. Another lot of interest is a Savage Model 1899 rifle. This item has engravings by Enoch Tue, the factory engraver for the Savage Arms Company. These engravings are detailed with a large walking bear, a walking bull moose, and two deer on the right. A mountainous background lies behind each animal. For more information on the available firearms, visit Amoskeag Auction.

  • Auction Preview
    Amoskeag Live #123

    The Amoskeag Live #123 auction presented by Amoskeag Auction Company, Inc. offers handguns, rifles, swords and knives from the 1800s to today and from sea to sea.  The extremely fine Austrian over-under shotgun by Ludwig Borovnik highlights an openly flowing scroll on the left and right flats.  The flats also feature scenes with a leaping stag, a boar, and a black bear. This shotgun is perfect for the big game and bird hunter.   The Winchester model 1873 lever action rimfire rifle, circa 1899, still has a smooth, straight grip and fore end.  There is some gray-brown patina scattered throughout and a few spots of oxidation, but this gun is in great condition for its age.  The Smith & Wesson, 44-hand ejector target model revolver is always in high demand. The fourth generation of its kind, the revolver is in almost perfect condition which makes it a great addition to any gun collection.  To view the entire catalog of guns and knives and to place a bid, visit Amoskeag Auction Company, Inc. today.

  • Auction Preview
    Amoskeag Online #123

    Rifles, shotguns and handguns all share the spotlight in the Amoskeag Online #123 auction presented by Amoskeag Auction Company, Inc.  The selection ranges from the rare U.S. models to Russian ones. With only 100 manufactured, the 1888 U.S. experimental positive cam trapdoor rifle is equipped with a standard front sight, a Buffington rear sight and an aluminum-bronze firing pin. Even with signs of light oxidation and pitting near the muzzle, the trapdoor rifle would be a phenomenal addition to any gun collection.  The Hopkins and Allen Chichester pocket rifle includes a walnut shoulder stock with nickel-plated attachments that are in very good condition.  There is a gray-brown patina on about 30% of the rifle, but the rubber grips with a dog’s head logo is in near perfect condition and a great piece for the antique gun collectors.  For a more comprehensive viewing of the catalog and to place a bid, visit Amoskeag Auction Company, Inc. today.