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Established in 1978, Altermann Galleries & Auctioneers specializes in Western and American art including works by the Cowboy Artists of America, Taos Founders, Santa Fe Art Colony, Los Cinco Pintores, New Mexico Modernists, contemporary masters, and American Indian art. Auctions are conducted throughout the year in Scottsdale, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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  • Auction Preview
    American Western Artwork & Native American Artwork

    Though commonly confused, American Western art mostly captures cowboys as the subject matter, while Native American art is an expression of life and tradition for the Native community. In the upcoming American Western Artwork and Native American Artwork auction, a selection of paintings, pottery, and sculptures representing both artistic movements will be available.  Featured in the auction is an oil painting by Thomas Hill. This 1880 work shows a group of Native Americans between canyons with blue skies and a waterfall in the background. The signed and dated painting comes in a decorative frame. Also highlighted in this Altermann Galleries & Auctioneers auction is a bronze polychrome sculpture by Dave McGary. The piece, titled Blessing of the Bear, Masterwork, shows two Native men in ceremonial poses. It is inscribed Dave McGary 2003 2/40 on the walnut base and includes the artist’s thumbprint. A black carved clay pot from Christ Martinez is also included. This pot features feather ornamentation and measures ten inches by 11 inches. It is signed by the artist on the underside. To view the entire collection and to register to bid, visit Bidsquare.   

  • Auction Preview
    Online Only Auction | February 21st

    Sculptor Martha Pettigrew's Too Many Cabbages...Too Few Melons is one of the highlighted lots in the upcoming Online Only Auction, offered by Altermann. Pettigrew counts Native women of the Southwestern United States among her artistic inspirations. Her pieces often depict women as gatherers, which can be seen in this piece: a woman rests her arm on a large bag of cabbages and looks off into the distance. Like Pettigrew's Too Many Cabbages, many of this auction's lots represent the Southwestern United States and Native Americans.  While painter Elias Rivera was known for his Abstract Expressionist pieces early in his career, a move to Santa Fe, New Mexico encouraged him to produce paintings speaking to the traditions and everyday life of people in the region. Two of these paintings, Tapestry of Souls and Visions of Solola II, are available in this auction. Both pieces are also examples of Rivera’s preference to paint groups of people, especially those that are unaware of his presence. Rounding out the featured lots is Scott Rogers' bronze sculpture titled The Pendleton Girls. In the early 20th century, the Pendleton Drug Company sponsored several professional cowgirls to compete in rodeo events across America. The Pendleton Girls, as they came to be known, were trained in many different events, from calf-roping to dodging bulls. Rogers’ sculpture pays homage to these women. Those interested in any of these lots can register to bid on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Full Auction Session

    The upcoming Full Auction Session auction includes over 450 pieces of decorative and fine art. Offered by Altermann Galleries, the sale will especially highlight Western American art that depicts cowboys and Native Americans. “Brad Creek Crossing,” a painting by Gerald Harvey, is among the highlights of the auction. Harvey’s early work was inspired by ranch stories that he heard from his parents. He once said, “My paintings have never been literal representations. They are part of first-hand experience and part dreams generated by those early stories I heard.” Another noteworthy item is the “No Place to Ford” by Howard Terpning. The painting shows a Native American on a horse beside a flowing river and a jungle. Other lots of interest include the works of Ray Swanson and Robert Griffing, whose paintings of an elderly Navajo shepherd and a portrait of a Mohwak war chief are featured. For more information, visit Altermann Galleries.

  • Auction Preview
    Altermann Galleries Online Only Auction

    It is not every day that one can come across a spectrum of arts, as diverse as an art auction could get. Vibrant collection in the Altermann Galleries Online Only Auction presents works that stretch from 19th century till date. Beside emotive portraits, most paintings in the curation embrace landscapes as their main subjects. Gathered lots inspire a fresh perspective on the world from behind the easel. With art depicting Tang dynasty dancers by Zhiwei Tu, the items showcased in the collection are an ensemble of emotions through colors and brush strokes. A painting entitled ‘One Evening at Ranchos’ by Kim Douglas Wiggins transports real-life sceneries into the canvas. Amidst the items, Alfred de Breanski’s works are also something to look forward to. He incorporates wilderness in his paintings, creating a distinctive mix of romanticism and realism. The onlookers will find many artworks by artists such as John Banovich, William Scott Jennings and Tom S. Macaione. Find more of the items on Invaluables.