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500 Gallery presents curated and distinctive exhibitions of antique and vintage artworks. The gallery staff is composed of artists and art historians with Masters Degrees and experience in evaluating and authenticating fine art. Most exhibitions culminate in live auctions which are webcast to art buyers world-wide.

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  • Auction Preview
    500 Gallery’s Upcoming Sale Offers Oil Paintings Attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Sonia Delaunay

    American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat was known for his contribution to Neo-Expressionism and contemporary art movements. His artworks often highlighted themes of colonialism, racism, and classism, as well as their impact on American society. Born in 1960 at Park Slope, Brooklyn, Basquiat sold postcards featuring his artwork on the streets before becoming a successful painter. Fury Fury Fury, one such oil on canvas attributed to the artist, is a key highlight of the upcoming sale from 500 Gallery. This unsigned original composition dates back to 1982.   Another noteworthy painting in the sale is a 1968 artwork attributed to Ukrainian-born French artist Sonia Delaunay. The artist was the co-founder of the Orphism art movement, which relies on the use of strong colors and geometric shapes. Born to Jewish parents, Delaunay spent most of her working life in Paris. An abstract composition in the manner of Franz Kline (1910 - 1962) also leads the catalog.  American artist Kline was famous for his black and white paintings. He made a significant contribution to the avant-garde movement. To view the complete catalog and register to bid in the upcoming Contemporary Classics sale, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions. 

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    Artworks by Alexander von Wagner, Claude Monet, and Paolo Boni to Sell at 500 Gallery

    A large etching of Alexander von Wagner’s painting Chariot Race in the Circus Maximus is among the top lots of 500 Gallery’s upcoming Prestige Collection 19th and 20th century art sale. In this piece, a Roman chariot race with quadriga is portrayed in front of Emperor Domitian at the Circus Maximus. Viewers are placed right in front of the galloping horses, whose hooves seem to leave the ground at once. With meticulous detail, this etching illustrates ancient Rome's chariot races. Also available is a lithograph by Italian artist Paolo Boni. Titled Third World, the print depicts abstract figures arranged in overlapping circles against a geometric plane. The artist’s signature appears in the lower corner. An additional artwork of note in the catalog is a limited edition gravure and lithograph by Claude Monet, titled Venice, Rio de Santa Salute. Created in 1908, this print offers a magnificent view of the river alongside the Santa Salute church. This artwork brings together the beauty of Venice with Monet's Impressionistic style. Bidders can also consider Pablo Picasso’s gravure on paper titled Portrait of Clovis Sagot and illustrations by Audrey Skaling. To browse the full Prestige Collection 19th and 20th Century Art catalog and find other online auctions, visit Bidsquare.

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    Striking Neo-Expressionistic Works Attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat Highlight 500 Gallery’s Upcoming Sale

    American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was well-known for graffiti-like paintings rendered with his gestural approach. He gained immense popularity during the Neo-Expressionism movement in the 1980s. His works depicted personal anguish through stylized self-portraits. Some striking paintings in the manner of Basquiat are key highlights of the upcoming 500 Gallery sale. Skeletal Figure, an oil on canvas signed and marked "ME", is characterized by intense and aggressive expressions. Another noteworthy image titled Me and Andy leads the listing. Basquiat was a friend of Pop artist Andy Warhol, who he had spotted while selling postcards in SoHo. The sale also features Fury Fury Fury and Demon Figure. Like many of Basquiat’s other works, these are a commentary on power structures and social dichotomies. Jimson Weed, attributed to Georgia O'Keeffe, was most likely created as a study for two of her larger works. The artist is famed for such instantly recognizable flower illustrations. She painted almost identical versions of jimson weed in 1932 and 1936. One of them holds the distinction for the highest value paid for an artwork by a woman. To view the complete catalog and register to bid in the upcoming Masterpiece Medley: February sale, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.

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    Fine Art Attributed to Lee Krasner, Lynne Drexler, Pablo Picasso, and More to Sell at 500 Gallery

    Fine prints, multiples, paintings, and sculptures by and attributed to master artists such as Lee Krasner, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, and others will soon come to the market with 500 Gallery. An abstract composition attributed to Krasner is among the top lots of the sale. It is an oil on canvas rendered in muted shades of navy blue, gray, and orange. An American Abstract Expressionist artist, Krasner worked on the cutting edge of abstraction and spent her career in a constant state of reinvention. Her canvases are defined by their sweeping colors and amorphous shapes. Another notable abstract work in the catalog was painted in the manner of Lynne Drexler. This colorful abstract composition from 1962 features small swatches of red, orange, pink, and cornflower blue arranged in a mosaic-like pattern. Drexler was a daring Abstract Expressionist who encountered fame early in her career. She stepped away from the spotlight later in life, and her work languished in obscurity for decades before making a market comeback.  Several drawings and sketches are also available with 500 Gallery this February, including a collection of 27 watercolor sketches, sold as a set, that are attributed to Pablo Picasso. Each work is signed but undated. Also on offer is a charcoal and pastel on paper piece attributed to Manoucher Yektai and a Yertle the Turtle drawing attributed to Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel). To view the complete catalog of the Connoisseur’s Collection: February Sale and browse other online auctions, visit Bidsquare. 

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    500 Gallery Presents Lee Krasner’s Abstract Composition & Georgia O’Keeffe’s Red Poppy

    American Abstract Expressionist painter Lee Krasner (1908 - 1984), regarded as the ‘Queen of Abstraction,’ was born in Brooklyn, New York. Krasner developed an interest in art at the early age of 13. She received art training from the Women’s Art School of Cooper Union and the National Academy of Design. An abstract oil on canvas attributed to Krasner is a leading lot in the upcoming auction, presented by 500 Gallery. This abstract nude composition comes with the artist’s pencil sign on the back. In the available work, the artist demonstrated extraordinary painting techniques even with a limited color palette of somber tones.  Other highlighted artists represented in the sale include Vincent Van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Wifredo Lam, André Derain, Georgia O'Keeffe, Manoucher Yektai, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Red Poppy by Georgia O'Keeffe is a notable lot. American modernist painter O'Keeffe is often referred to as ‘The Mother of Modernism.’ She was famous for her painted desert landscapes and flowers. Also available is a set of 38 artworks attributed to Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973). Each piece is signed. The sale also features a fine selection of Pop Art, posters, prints, and Realist compositions. To view the complete catalog and register to bid in the upcoming Year-End Art Discovery Sale, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.

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    Works Attributed to Thomas Hart Benton and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Highlight 500 Gallery’s Upcoming Sale

    The upcoming Prestige Collection: Modern & Impressionist sale at 500 Gallery will present over 250 lots of masterpieces representing Abstraction, Realism, Surrealism, and Pop Art styles. Leading the sale is The Year of Peril, a painting attributed to Thomas Hart Benton (1889 - 1975). Considered one of the greatest pre-war Regionalist painters, Benton’s vibrant landscapes, portrayal of Midwestern people, and depictions of daily life received a great deal of attention. The available oil on canvas features various motifs from Benton's Year of Peril series (1941 - 1942), which he created soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Year of Peril: A Series of War Paintings highlighted the threat to American ideals by Nazism and fascism.  Another top lot in this sale is a painting attributed to Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, titled Two Faces. Rottluff, a German Expressionist painter and printmaker, was one of the four founders of the artist group Die Brücke. He is best known for his Expressionist landscapes and nudes. The available work is characterized by thick brushstrokes and a bold color palette. It shows a woman’s face and a ghostly face in the background. This oil-on-panel piece was completed around 1914 and formerly belonged to a North Carolina estate. It is hand-signed and unframed. Visit Bidsquare to view the Prestige Collection: Modern & Impressionist sale and browse other online auctions.  

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    Bessie Potter Vonnoh Sculpture and John Constable Landscape to Star in Timed 500 Gallery Event

    500 Gallery’s Autumn Fine Art Timed Sale, held this October, presents a wide variety of fine paintings, prints, multiples, sculptures, and more. Leading the auction is a bronze garden sculpture signed by Bessie Potter Vonnoh. The artist’s genre statuettes often graced the private gardens of wealthy families in the Midwest. Vonnoh trained at the Art Institute of Chicago. She often depicted quiet, feminine scenes. The offered work is dated 1906 and depicts a baby girl on a swing. Another notable lot in the catalog is a painting attributed to English Romantic landscape painter John Constable. He spent most of his career capturing the serene, bucolic lands of his native Dedham Vale. Available in this event from 500 Gallery is Blackberry Paysage, an oil on paper mounted on board.  Paintings attributed to the likes of Paul Gauguin, Georges Braque, and Sam Francis are available as well. A portion of the auction catalog is dedicated to prints, multiples, and sketches. This includes a selection of sketches attributed to Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. Depictions of iconic characters like the Lorax, the Grinch, and Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose are available. Rounding out the catalog are works attributed to Clementine Hunter, Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita, and Pablo Picasso. Visit Bidsquare to view the complete Autumn Fine Art Timed Sale catalog and register to bid in other online auctions. 

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    Works Attributed to O’Keeffe, Krasner, Shiraga, and More at 500 Gallery

    A red poppy oil on canvas painting attributed to Georgia O’Keeffe is a leading lot of the upcoming Fall Master Pop Modern Art Discovery Mix sale, presented by 500 Gallery. Signed on the back, this painting may have been a study for a larger work. O’Keeffe was a firm believer in the Modernist movement, and she was skilled in using color, composition, and abstraction to communicate emotion and ideas. The available work depicts a poppy from directly above. Peach and yellow petals radiate from the black center, contrasted with a gray background. Also notable is an abstract nude composition attributed to Lee Krasner. Several abstract artworks are presented in this 500 Gallery event. These include a swirled abstract composition attributed to Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga. A member of the avant-garde Gutai Art Association, a postwar artists collective, Shiraga was known for his performance art. Many of his paintings were created by applying paint to paper and canvas using his feet. “I want to paint as though rushing around a battlefield, exerting myself to collapse from exhaustion,” Shiraga stated about his practice. Collectors can also consider an abstract composition in the manner of Hans Hartung, an acrylic painting of bricks by Martin Wong, and a winter landscape attributed to Fairfield Porter. Visit Bidsquare to view the full Fall Master Pop Modern Art Discovery Mix catalog and browse other online auctions. 

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    Lee Krasner’s Abstract Expressionist Composition Comes to Auction Alongside 27 Small Watercolor Sketches by Picasso

    American Abstract Expressionist painter Lee Krasner was considered by some to be the queen of abstraction and the dynamo of the East Hamptons. Krasner's place in American art can be qualified in many ways, including through her role as a forerunner of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Krasner didn’t force colors; she let them come to her. An abstract oil painting attributed to Krasner is a leading lot in the upcoming Impressionist, Folk, Pop, and Modern Art auction, presented by 500 Gallery. The style in this painting can be seen as a manifestation of the horror felt in the wake of World War II, including about the calculated slaughter of innocent Jews, the use of the first weapon of mass destruction on the citizens of Japan, and the first direct attack on American soil. These were unprecedented events in the minds of most Americans. In the available work, the artist captured emotions of helplessness and confusion.  Other highlighted artists represented in the sale are Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Jean Cocteau, Paul Klee, and Egon Schiele. One notable lot is a set of 27 small watercolor sketches attributed to Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973). They are all painted on bond grey and tan-toned paper with darker grey fibers in the pulp. Each piece is signed. The sale also features a fine selection of paintings, works on paper, collectibles, and one-of-a-kind treasures. View the complete catalog of the Impressionist, Folk, Pop, and Modern Art auction and find other online auctions by visiting Bidsquare. 

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    Important Oil Paintings by John Constable and Tom Wesselmann Highlight 500 Gallery’s Upcoming Sale

    English painter John Constable RA is celebrated for transforming the genre of landscape art. His illustrations of Dedham Vale, the area in the vicinity of his home, are considered very significant in this regard. He was also known to be the first English artist to paint in the open air, directly from nature, and also to portray foliage as truly green. Blackberry Paysage, one such oil work attributed to the artist, is a key highlight of the upcoming sale from 500 Gallery. There was a stark difference between the paintings of Constable’s earlier and advanced years. The initially joyous mood later changed into a sense of dejection following a personal loss. Another noteworthy painting in the sale is a still life in the manner of Georges Braque. The artist was the founder of Cubism and also practiced other forms of art. Akin to many of his other still-life compositions, this one portrays several objects gathered on a table.  Smoker in the manner of Tom Wesselmann also leads the catalog. It is part of a significant series by Wesselmann, depicting lips, mouths, hands, cigarettes, and smoke. To view the complete catalog and register to bid in the upcoming Autumn Fine Art Sale, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions. 

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    500 Gallery to Auction Work byPierre-Auguste Renoir, Bernard Buffet, and More

    The upcoming Era-Defining Art - 19th & 20th Century sale at 500 Gallery will present over 190 lots of masterpieces that portray the essence of these timeless eras. Leading the sale is Le Cap d'Antibes, a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Considered one of the greatest French Impressionist painters, Renoir's vibrant, light-filled landscapes and portraits have been regarded as some of the most iconic works of art from the Western tradition. His works depict the movement and light of landscapes and figures using broken brushstrokes and vibrant combinations of complementary colors. Like Claude Monet, the artist emphasized spontaneity and the nuances of light over the traditional techniques of art. The available 1915 limited edition gravure print comes with a Lisa Moran Fine Arts document. Another top lot in this sale is Bernard Buffet’s Paris, Le Sacre Coeur. Buffet, a French painter, and printmaker best known for his austere, socially critical figurative paintings, was a leading figure within the anti-abstraction group L'Homme Témoin. In his landscapes, portraits, and still life paintings, Buffet used bold, black lines and a discreet palette, a response to the alienation and anxiety of the generation following World War II. The available work is characterized by straight, "dry" lines detailing buildings' shapes. The elongated structures in Buffet's print convey a sense of loneliness and despair. The available piece is an offset lithograph on cardstock from 1967. It is hand-signed in pencil and unframed. Visit Bidsquare to view the Era-Defining Art - 19th & 20th Century sale and browse other online auctions.

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    500 Gallery Presents Lee Krasner Painting and Bessie Potter Vonnoh Garden Sculpture

    Born in St. Louis, Bessie Potter Vonnoh enjoyed a thriving career as a bronze sculptor in the late 20th century. She received early support in her career from Lorado Taft, a Chicago-based artist who employed Vonnoh as a studio assistant. She went on to create acclaimed works for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and the Smith Memorial Arch in Philadelphia. Vonnoh was best known for her petite statues that explored feminine subjects in domestic settings, opening a window to the daily life of American women in her time. The upcoming Inspirational Masters sale from 500 Gallery will feature one such statuette by Bessie Potter Vonnoh. Titled Girl on a Swing, the bronze garden sculpture is dated 1906 and features delicate details along the swing rope and the girl’s face.  Another notable lot in this auction is an abstract nude composition attributed to Lee Krasner. This oil on canvas was signed in pencil on the back by the acclaimed Abstract Expressionist painter. Though her work is often linked to that of her husband, Jackson Pollock, Krasner emphasized more formal elements than many of her contemporaries. She fully embraced change throughout her career, often adopting and discarding new styles based on her interests and evolving emotions. Other notable lots in this auction include works attributed to Kazuo Shiraga, Georges Braque, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Pablo Picasso. Visit Bidsquare to find more information on the Inspirational Masters sale and browse other online auctions. 

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    500 Gallery’s 19th & 20th Century Art Sale Features Work by Gyorgy Korga, Karen Moss, and More

    The latest Legacy Gallery - 19th & 20th Century Art sale from 500 Gallery will showcase fine art across all genres. Leading this auction is a still-life painting by Hungarian artist Gyorgy Korga. Noted for his paintings of still lifes, Gyorgy Korga was among a group of Eastern European painters who challenged abstract art with the use of ultra-realism and detail in the mid-to-late 20th century. The artist created an effect of Surrealism with his paintings, despite their extreme detail and clarity. The available work is an oil painting with Asian imagery on canvas. Presented in a frame with a gallery label on the reverse, the work is signed lower right. Another top lot in this sale is Karen Moss’ Doll with Horse, a painting on heavy cold-pressed paper in watercolor. In the artist’s work, ideas drive the composition, not specific styles. The materials selected for each project or exhibition are determined by the concept. Moss draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including travel, flea market finds, history, social issues, natural sciences, and exploration. Bidders can also consider a colored lithograph after Abraham Rattner’s Autumn. As a brilliant colorist and Modernist painter, the artist depicted nature in vibrant, bold colors. Color palettes of red and yellow characterize the semi-abstract work. To view the complete catalog of the Legacy Gallery: 19th & 20th Century Art sale and to find other online auctions, visit Bidsquare.

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    John Constable’s Painting & Sam Francis’ Abstract Composition Leads 500 Gallery’s Upcoming Auction

    John Constable is considered one of the most influential English painters of the early 19th century. Associated with the Romantic movement, his works often portrayed trees, skies, and the English countryside. The upcoming auction, offered by 500 Gallery, will feature a noteworthy painting attributed to Constable. Blackberry Paysage features his characteristic landscape portrait presented in an elaborate frame.  An Abstract Expressionist composition credited to Sam Francis also leads the listings. One of the most promising Abstract Expressionists of the 20th century, Francis took inspiration from fellow painters Clyfford Still and Jackson Pollock. The American artist was known for creating works by incorporating elements from Color Field painting, Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, and Eastern philosophy. The framed artwork is signed and dated 1953. Other noteworthy lots include a zinc etching plate attributed to Pablo Picasso, artwork attributed to Vincent van Gogh, and an African tribal Dogon equestrian sculpture. Visit Bidsquare to find more information on the Artistic Journey: From Fine to Affordable sale and browse other online auctions.

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    Claude Monet’s Portrait, Georgia O’Keeffe’s Alligator Pears in 500 Gallery’s Decorative Elegance Sale

    A Claude Monet-attributed work titled Personnage au Chapeau is a leading lot in the Decorative Elegance Auction, presented by 500 Gallery. It is an 1867 oil on carton board bearing several interesting marks, stamps, and inscriptions, signed "Cl. M." Monet (French, 1840 - 1926) often found himself in financial difficulties. Monet’s paintings were often rejected and were not a commercial success during his early years. After the birth of their first child, Monet and his first wife, Camille Doncieux, experienced financial hardship and despair. This unfinished portrait likely dates from this time. Commissioned portraits generated occasional income more rapidly for Monet. The available portrait depicts a young person wearing a hat and a white shirt. The hat creates a shadow, offering a strange look to the character, whose eyes do not appear immediately to the viewer. Another notable painting in the sale is Alligator Pears, which is attributed to Georgia O'Keeffe (American, 1887 - 1986). It is a 1920s oil on sack cloth by the American modernist painter known as the Mother of Modernism. A work after Frida Kahlo’s vibrant self-portrait with a monkey is another notable lot. It is a 1947 oil on canvas, framed in gilt, signed and dated with an import sticker from South America. Kahlo (Mexican, 1907 - 1954) often expressed her struggles through art, exploring themes such as identity, gender, and Mexican culture. Her unique style combined Surrealism, folk art, and symbolism, often featuring self-portraits that vividly depicted her pain and resilience. Kahlo's artworks continue to inspire and influence artists worldwide, leaving a lasting legacy in the art world. View the complete catalog of this Decorative Elegance sale and register to bid in other online auctions on Bidsquare.