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  • Auction Preview

    Outsider Artists Come Inside at Christie’s

    The term “outsider art” is used to describe works that do not fit into the conventional art world. These pieces are often created by artists who are mentally ill or outside the mainstream for some other reason. Over the years, the term has grown to include “vernacular” art created by…

    BILL TRAYLOR (CIRCA 1853-1949)
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    RELEASE | Christie's Announces Americana Week 2020

    (From left to right) Outsider Art; Chinese Export Art Featuring the Tibor Collection, Part II; Important American Furniture, Folk Art and Silver New York – Christie’s announces Americana Week 2020, a series of auctions, viewings and events, to be held January 11-24. The week of sales is comprised of Outsider Art on January…

    Christie's Announces Americana Week 2020
  • Auction Preview

    Self-Taught, Outsider & Folk Art – Nov. 9

    At the bottom of almost all his paintings, folk artist William Hawkins signed his works with the date July 27, 1895. For a painter active in the mid- to late 20th century, repeatedly marking his birthday might seem odd. However, Hawkins created his art with a passion and excitement for…