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  • Auction Preview

    Cast Osiris Bronze and JFK Portrait Come to Auction With Artemis Gallery

    Osiris, the Egyptian god of fertility, vegetation, the dead, the afterlife, and resurrection, was known as the judge of the underworld. He is traditionally represented as an immortal being with a pharaoh's beard. One of the key lots in the upcoming Exceptional Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic Art auction, presented by Artemis…

    Tall and Impressive Egyptian Bronze Osiris
  • Auction Preview

    Variety Sale Brings Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art from Around the World

    A polychrome mask of Ai Apec highlights Artemis Gallery‘s upcoming Variety Sale. A god of the pre-Inca civilization, Ai Apec was the main deity of the Moche culture. Ai Apec was known for his ability to transform into other beings. The available mask portrays the deity with long fangs, coffee bean-shaped…

    Chavin Polychrome Mask of Ai Apec - TL Tested
  • Auction Industry

    Artemis Gallery auction presents antiquities, Asian & ethnographic art

    Ancient Greek Attic black-figure krater by ‘Painter of Louvre F6,’ circa 560-550 BCE, 14in wide with iconographic program featuring a swan between two confronting panthers. Estimate $25,000-$40,000 BOULDER, COLO.- While every auction event conducted by Artemis Gallery is a trip back in time with exciting artifacts from scores of important cultures waiting…

    Artemis Gallery auction presents antiquities, Asian & ethnographic art
  • Auction Preview

    Works of Art Through the Ages

    The earliest Greco-Roman mosaics date back to the 5th century B.C. Elite Romans especially used mosaics to decorate their walls and vaults in a display of their wealth. Many early mosaics combined shells, colored glass, pumice, and other materials to depict mythological scenes and everyday life. Available in the upcoming…

    Published 19th C. Neoclassical Sardonyx Cameo Arethusa