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  • Auction Preview

    American Indian Art

    Native Americans have been known for their expressive works of art for hundreds of years. This art often showcases social customs as well as political and military systems. Cowan’s Auctions is showcasing works from a variety of Native American tribes in the upcoming sale, including Sioux, Southern Cheyenne, Navajo, Apache,…

    Nez Perce-Cayuse Beaded Buffalo Hide Blanket Strip
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    Native American Art

    Traditional rattles are mostly associated with the shamans of the Tlingit Native American tribe. The Tlingit, whose name means “People of the Tides,” are indigenous to the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Featured in the upcoming Native American Art auction, presented by Bonhams, is a Tlingit rattle carved in…

  • Auction Preview

    Old West & Luxury Jewelry August Sale

    The Kiowa Native American tribe members were known for their leather boots, clothing, and moccasins. Found in the upcoming Old West & American Indian w/ Luxury Jewelry August 1st Sale is a rare horse or mule tanned hide painted by the Kiowa Southern Plains Native Americans of the 1800s. This…

    Kiowa Pictorial Buffalo Painted Large Hide 19th C.
  • Auction Result

    Cowan's American Indian Art Auction Soars Online

    CINCINNATI – As a sign of the market’s resilience during unprecedented times, Cowan’s American Indian Art auction realized a price of $943,675 selling 92% of lots. Nearly 900 bidders participated in the auction on four separate online bidding platforms, by absentee or phone bids. While Cowan’s is no stranger to online-only auctions,…

    Cowan's American Indian Art Auction Soars Online1
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    Native American Art

    The Haidan people, who are native to an archipelago of present-day Canada, believe that whales help travelers return home. In Haidan lore, donning the skin of a killer whale can also grant a person access to the spirit world. A ceremonial Haidan whale bowl is available in the upcoming Native…

    Crow Beaded, Buckskin and Trade Cloth Rifle Scabbard
  • Auction Preview

    American Indian Art: Timed Auction

    Edward S. Curtis devoted his life to documenting the experience of Native Americans across the West. Several photographs produced by Curtis are available in the American Indian Art timed auction, offered by Cowan's. Like Curtis' photographs, each of the auction's 273 lots offers a look into the lives of Native…

    Seminole Palmetto Dolls/Auctiondaily