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    NHADA Dealers Relief Auction

    The blankets and rugs woven by the Navajo people of the Four Corners region of the United States are particularly known for their quality standards. Legend states that the ‘Spider-woman,’ a deity worshipped by the Navajo people, was the one who taught them how to weave. The Pueblo Indians, who…

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    Burglary at Christ Church Picture Gallery

    Antony Van Dyck, 'A Soldier on Horseback,' c. 1616. OXFORD.- At around 11pm yesterday (14/3) offenders broke into Christ Church Picture Gallery in St Aldates. Three high value paintings were stolen in the burglary: • Salvator Rosa, 'A Rocky Coast, with Soldiers Studying a Plan,' late 1640s. • Antony Van Dyck, 'A Soldier…

    Antony Van Dyck, 'A Soldier on Horseback,' c. 1616.
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    On The Auction Block Day-1

    Salvator Rosa was regarded as the most unconventional, rebellious yet romantic painter of landscapes. Adopted as a hero by painters of the Romantic movement in the later 18th and early 19th centuries, his paintings didn’t just come alive but also made viewers believe they were present in the moments depicted…

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