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  • Auction Preview

    Harry Bertoia’s Kinetic Sculpture Available in Early Spring Auction

    The American sculptor Harry Bertoia was a prolific metal worker known for timeless art pieces. The artist initially worked at the Evans Product Company and later designed furniture for Knoll. Around the 1950s, Bertoia decided to dedicate his time to art and began creating sculptures from wood and metal. The…

    Willow Kinetic Art sculpture by Harry Bertoia.
  • Auction Preview

    American Fine Art & Percossi Papi Brooches Come to Auction

    Diamond and gemstone jewelry items from Percossi Papi will be available in Kodner Galleries’ upcoming auction. Percossi Papi is known for its maximalist style, which the Italian brand describes as what “Lucrezia Borgia might wear if she were alive and kicking.” This sale will include two gemstone and enamel brooches…

    Percossi Papi Gemstone and Enamel Brooch
  • Auction Industry

    Category Spotlight: Outsider Art at Auction

    Historically, the art world has not been kind to those who deviate from social norms. Innovation is generally greeted with suspicion, even if it is later accepted and celebrated. The outsider art category evolved to better acknowledge and halt this pattern.  Christie’s will bring a collection of outsider art to…

  • Auction Preview

    Antique Jewelry and 20th-Century Art Lead Akiba Antiques’ Upcoming Event

    In late 1800s Europe, empire waistlines were out and the medieval look was in. Wealthy women began to favor an ultra-luxe style that emphasized precious metals. It wasn’t until the 1920s, however, that this style became accessible to the masses. Flappers paired their straight-lined gowns with gold mesh purses, often…

    Star Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum Ring
  • Auction Preview

    Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles

    Purvis Young’s Sail Boat Scene with Sharks is one of the notable lots in the upcoming Estate Jewelry, Art, & Collectibles Auction. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Young began admiring the textures of found objects in his early career. The self-taught artist combined paintings with found materials that ranged…

    Swarovski Crystal Golden Dragon Jinlong
  • Auction Preview

    New York City Estate Auction

    Showplace Antique + Design Center’s upcoming New York City Estate Auction will present several pieces of vintage jewelry from brands such as Rolex, as well as works of fine art. Featured in the latter category is Ellsworth Kelly’s screenprint titled Dark Gray and White. One of the key jewelry items…

    Bulgari Sterling Silver Table Globe, Vintage
  • Auction Preview

    Self-Taught, Outsider & Folk Art – Nov. 10

    On the second day of the upcoming Self-Taught, Outsider & Folk-Art auction, Slotin Folk Art will feature well-known outsider artists such as Howard Finster, Purvis Young, and Mose Tolliver. One key lot is an English cane from the 1880s, the handle carved to resemble a male bust. A phrenology design…

    Howard Finster. Prov -6-6 Consider Ant Cut Out