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  • Auction Preview

    Post-War to Present

    Robert Indiana’s LOVE motif has become ingrained in American culture, recognizable in its simplicity and branding. However, the Pop artist struggled with the legacy he created: “Love bit me. It was a marvelous idea, but it was also a terrible mistake... it became too popular.” Two of Indiana’s LOVE paintings…

    Robert Indiana (1928-2018) LOVE
  • Auction Preview

    First Open: Post-War and Contemporary Art Online

    The upcoming Post-War and Contemporary Art auction, offered by Christie’s, will offer 97 pieces of fine art from both rising and established artists. One mixed media piece from Miquel Barceló will be particularly highlighted. A seasoned traveler, Barceló spent much of the 1980s in Western Africa observing the dry weather…

  • Auction Preview

    Studio Ceramics

    From three separate collections comes a single auction with startling focus: Rago’s Studio Ceramics sale. Each private collection was assembled over the latter half of the 20th century, each building a high quality sampling of post-war art. In this sale unifying the individual collections, particular focus is given to the…

  • Auction Preview

    First Open Online

    Explore the breadth of post-war and contemporary art in the upcoming July First Open auction offered by Christie’s. Featuring works on paper, photographs and sculpture from many well-known artists of the twentieth century, this summer auction presents pieces appropriate for new collectors and seasoned art veterans alike. Anchored by Ed…

  • Auction Preview

    Modern, Post War & Contemporary Art

    This collection of Modern, Post War and Contemporary art is offered by Capsule Gallery and includes original works from the estate of Ines Bausili. Art on display is dramatic, and subjects often obscured or abstract, as in Pierre Alechinsky’s L’Orielle interne, where the figure represented may or may not be…

    Modern, Post War & Contemporary Art By Capsule Gallery
  • Auction Industry

    Salle Sells for $96,000 On Bidsquare In Fine Art Weekend At Rago

    One thing is for sure, when Bidsquare bidders have their eye on the prize, they don't give up so easily. On the weekend of May 4th, Rago hosted their much anticipated fine art auctions, 'Post War + Contemporary Art' and 'American + European Art' sales. Both catalogs collectively represented pivotal artists whom, in their respective movements, ranged in styles and periods like German Expressionism…