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  • Auction Preview

    Alex Cooper Auctioneers Offers Mix of Paintings, Furniture, Decorative Arts, & Fine Rugs

    Widely considered the founder of the Hudson River School, Thomas Cole was a Romantic landscape painter. Mostly self-taught, he inspired a generation of American landscape painters through his depictions of majestic mountains, rivers, and valleys. As Cole once said, “The most distinctive, and perhaps the most impressive, characteristic of American scenery…

    Thomas Cole. Italian Cottage, oil on panel
  • Auction Preview

    The Elegant Home

    The late Italian painter Nicola Simbari was celebrated for his distinctive approach to Neo-Impressionism. Several of his works explore Mediterranean scenes while experimenting with pastel colors. Among the featured lots in the upcoming Elegant Home auction, presented by Bonhams, is Simbari’s oil on canvas work titled Windy Morning. The piece…

  • Auction Preview

    Rocking Out the Summer

    In 1967, a modest magazine released its very first issue with an unlikely lead actor as its cover image. That magazine was Rolling Stone. The actor was John Lenon, of course, better known for his music, staring in the film “How I Won The War”. The Rocking Out the Summer…