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    21st WestLicht Photo Auction

    William Eggleston’s interest in photography began after his classmate gave him a Leica camera. Although self-taught, Eggleston was influenced by street photographers such as Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson. However, he soon broke away from traditional black and white photography and began experimenting with colors in the late 1960s. Considered a pioneer of…

    WILLIAM KLEIN 1928) Bikini, Moscow 1959
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    Collecting guide: Japanese post-war photography

    An introduction to the key artists of a restless generation, who combined Western influences with a deep Japanese sensibility. Illustrated with works offered in New York on 31 March  Collectively, the photographs produced during the post-war period in Japan represent one of the most significant contributions to the art form…

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    Ayles Auction Brings to you Global Icons 7

    Ayles auction is a well-established auction house with their base in Hong-Kong and Shanghai. Ayles auctions are known for their unique collection of contemporary and modern arts collectibles. The upcoming Ayles auction titled, “Global Icons 7 - Contemporary & Modern works” is set to take place on the 13th of…