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  • Auction Preview

    Japanese and Korean Works of Art

    The word hana in Japanese means flowers. Hana Matsumi is the flower festival observed to celebrate Buddha’s birthday in countries such as Japan and Korea. The celebration falls during springtime when flowers like cherry blossoms are in bloom. Many people take time off of work to relax and enjoy the…

    An Amber Inlaid Boxwood Leverets Ojime
  • Auction Preview

    2 Days Japanese Art

    This two-day Japanese Art auction, presented by Eldred’s, offers a glimpse into Japanese culture and history.  Japanese art covers a broad spectrum that includes ancient pottery, sculpture, calligraphy, ink painting, and ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, to name a few.  The first day of the auction features an ivory kiseru(smoking…

    Japanese Satsuma pottery