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  • Auction Preview

    Books and Manuscripts, Including Americana

    Hindman’s upcoming auction of Books and Manuscripts, including Americana, is sourced in part from the collection of Rhoda H. Clark, a businesswoman and book collector. Clark helmed the Monastary Hill book bindery after four generations. Available items from her collection include examples of Monastery Hill bindings, such as the complete…

    [ARTIST'S BOOK]. DALI, Salvador (1904-1989). Paternoster. Milan- Rizzoli Editore, 1966
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    Natural History

    Prehistoric creatures, the dinosaurs, walked the earth about 180 million years ago. Their existence remains fascinating to humankind, perhaps because of their unimaginable size and abilities; much like Ichthyosaurus, a marine reptile who had a body like a lizard but with fins. According to National geography, the reptile came into…

    Fossil Fern from Ohio/Auctiondaily
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Art - Antique Engravings & Lithographs - Works On Paper

    A deep appreciation for nature’s inherent wonders and beauty infuses in the upcoming Fine Art – Antique Engravings & Lithographs – Works on Paper auction offered by Trillium. Early botanical and naturalist drawings shine in the sale, with 200 works of fine art opening a window into the Romantic era.…

    Fine Art - Antique Engravings & Lithographs - Works on Paper by Trillium Antique Prints & Rare Books
  • Auction Preview

    August Gallery Auction

    The August Gallery Auction, offered by Leland Little, is primarily a collection of home and office décor. Among the fine antique pieces are three music boxes, one of which is a Regina Coin-Operated table top unit. Regina was an American producer who made these musical instruments. They were usually built…

    A Qing Dynasty Chinese Cloisonne Snuff Bottle