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    Artist to Know: Los Carpinteros

    Rago Will Offer Three Early Sketches From Cuban Artist Collective It was 1991, and the Soviet Union had just collapsed. The economic impacts were felt worldwide but were especially acute in Comecon-supported Cuba. Food shortages and mass financial hardship closely followed the government’s hasty austerity policies. During this time, now…

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    Spin Art, Sketches, and Sculpture at Rago

    The Cuban artist collective known as Los Carpinteros dismissed individual authorship to embrace the ideals of artisans and laborers. To Los Carpinteros, art is always a collaborative effort. Several of the collective’s works are up for bid in the upcoming 20 | 21 Art auction, offered by Rago. Also in…

    Los Carpinteros, La Fuente
  • Auction Preview

    Christie's to Offer a Selection of Spanish Colonial Paintings and Contemporary Masterpieces in Upcoming Sale

    A well-known Nicaraguan painter, Armando Morales (1927-2011) was an acclaimed figure in Central American art. He received his first award at the Central American Painting Contest in 1956 and later exhibited at various shows in Paris. The subject matter of his paintings often referred to the Latin American region. The…

    Armando Morales (1927-2011)