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  • Auction Preview

    Mickalene Thomas Collage, Kenny Scharf Butterfly Jungle, and Andy Warhol’s Beatle Boots Lead Christie’s Contemporary Art Auction

    Christie’s upcoming First Open | Post-War & Contemporary Art auction will feature Mickalene Thomas’ 2011 collage titled Shinique: Now I Know. The collage consists of monochrome and color photographs, acrylic, and papers. In her collages, Thomas tries to give her subject visual authority because in their gaze lies their power.…

    Mickalene Thomas (b. 1971)
  • Auction Preview

    Christie's To Offer Post-War and Contemporary Art in Upcoming Sale

    A member of the Bay Area Figurative Movement, Joan Brown (1938 – 1991) was a painter who played a significant role in the local artistic community. Her painting style was characterized by the use of bold colors and symbolism with a personal touch. The upcoming Christie's auction of post-war and…

    Joan Brown (1938-1991) David with Statue of Mary Julia #2
  • Auction Industry

    From the Walls of Keith Haring

    Sotheby’s Offers Works from the Artist’s Personal Collection in a Benefit Sale “I love paintings too much, love color too much, love seeing too much, love feeling too much, love art too much, love too much,” Keith Haring said shortly before receiving his fatal AIDS diagnosis in 1988. Though Haring’s…

    From the Walls of Keith Haring1
  • Art Industry

    Puzzles With Purpose Initiative Features Work of Top Artists In Puzzle Sales to Benefit Relief Efforts

    A benefit sale of Collector Edition Jigsaw Puzzles featuring the work of today's leading artists has kicked off.   More than 70 contemporary artists including Amoako Boafo, Will Cotton, Justin Lowe and Jonah Freedman, Nir Hod, Matthew Day Jackson, Idris Khan, Louise Lawler, Marilyn Minter, Carrie Moyer, Andres Serrano, Kenny Scharf, Kay…

    Puzzles With Purpose Initiative Features Work of Top Artists In Puzzle Sales to Benefit Relief Efforts
  • Auction Preview

    First Open

    Artist Simon Hantaï was known for his folded canvas paintings. Though Hantaï was briefly associated with the Surrealists, he eventually broke from the group to pursue gestural abstraction. This pursuit fueled years of experimentation, eventually leading to a breakthrough with his Pliage paintings. These works were created by folding the…

    Kenny Scharf (b. 1958) Black Rubble
  • Auction Preview

    Converso Modern

    To be able to recognize major art pieces and historic objects, which are otherwise overlooked, is a quality. Lawrence Converso is someone who possesses such an instinctive trait. Converso Modern by Wright Auctions is a look into his stellar collection of modern designs and objects, as every piece has its…

    Karl Benjamin/auctionDaily
  • Auction Preview

    Summer Refreshments

    Art has long influenced the everchanging opinions and has instilled values in our society.  Art began to take on a new look with new, brighter colors, emotional expressions, and experimentation with abstracts.  Artists sought out new approaches and ideas to art, both individually and collectively. Through abstract expressionism, modern art…