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  • Auction Preview

    2020 Benefit Art Auction - SILENT Auction

    A good photograph can never be repeated, according to Harry Benson—a photographer who has captured many historical moments in his career. He has photographed scenes within the White House and outside at rallies, and captured both Hollywood and runways. Benson’s career was launched when he began photographing the Beatles in…

    Margaret Ann Withers, Falling Through a Trapdoor While Eating Barbeque in Dime Box Texas, 2020, Mixed Media
  • Auction Industry

    John F. Kennedy Campaign Notes, Presented by Heritage Auctions: What to Know Before You Bid

    John F. Kennedy uncensored campaign notes made while suffering from laryngitis. Photo courtesy of Heritage Auctions. John F. Kennedy's political opponent, Hubert Humphrey, watched each young, charismatic member of the Kennedys cross the state of Wisconsin during the 1960 Democratic Primary. Humphrey would later say he "felt like an independent…

    John F. Kennedy Campaign Notes, Presented by Heritage Auctions What to Know Before You Bid2