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  • Auction Preview

    Joan Albaugh’s Oil Painting Leads Upcoming Rafael Osona Event

    A landscape painting from Joan Albaugh will lead the upcoming Nantucket Furnishings, Decorative and Fine Arts Auction, presented by Rafael Osona Auctions. When Joan Albaugh traveled to Nantucket, she was interested in the way winter light hit the shingled roofs of houses. Her fascination with light can be seen in…

    Joan Albaugh Oil on Canvas View Over Tom Nevers Pond
  • Auction Preview

    Marine Scene by Jack L. Gray in Upcoming Rafael Osona Nantucket Auctions Event

    Jack L. Gray was a marine painter well-known for his depictions of skiffs and fishing boats. Born in Nova Scotia, Gray was the only son of a civil engineer. As a child, the artist loved painting ships and sea scenes. He went on to learn painting at the Nova Scotia…

    Jack L. Gray Oil on Canvas Board, Steam Trawler At Sea
  • Auction Preview

    Estate of Linda Loring with Additions

    A nature lover and a conservationist, Linda Loring was dedicated to protecting the environment. During her lifetime, she turned a 270-acre area near Long Pond in Nantucket into a wildlife sanctuary. Loring’s love for Nantucket and nature is evident in the upcoming Estate of Linda Loring with Additions sale, presented…

    19th Century Silk Log Cabin Quilt
  • Auction Preview

    Estate of Jennie K. Scaife, with Additions

    With a personal fortune of approximately $1.2 billion, banking and oil heir Richard Mellon Scaife was an American public figure and the publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His granddaughter, Jennie K. Scaife, shared his interest in philanthropy and collecting antiques. Her collection is on sale this July in the upcoming…

    Helmet Koller (Austria-United States b. 1954) Acrylic on Canvas Red Eyed Tree Frogs