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  • Auction Preview

    Marine Scene by Jack L. Gray in Upcoming Rafael Osona Nantucket Auctions Event

    Jack L. Gray was a marine painter well-known for his depictions of skiffs and fishing boats. Born in Nova Scotia, Gray was the only son of a civil engineer. As a child, the artist loved painting ships and sea scenes. He went on to learn painting at the Nova Scotia…

    Jack L. Gray Oil on Canvas Board, Steam Trawler At Sea
  • Auction Preview

    Estate of Linda Loring with Additions

    A nature lover and a conservationist, Linda Loring was dedicated to protecting the environment. During her lifetime, she turned a 270-acre area near Long Pond in Nantucket into a wildlife sanctuary. Loring’s love for Nantucket and nature is evident in the upcoming Estate of Linda Loring with Additions sale, presented…

    19th Century Silk Log Cabin Quilt
  • Auction Preview

    Estate of Jennie K. Scaife, with Additions

    With a personal fortune of approximately $1.2 billion, banking and oil heir Richard Mellon Scaife was an American public figure and the publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His granddaughter, Jennie K. Scaife, shared his interest in philanthropy and collecting antiques. Her collection is on sale this July in the upcoming…

    Helmet Koller (Austria-United States b. 1954) Acrylic on Canvas Red Eyed Tree Frogs