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  • Exhibitions

    Artist’s Choice: Interconnected Opens AT Berry Campbell

    Berry Campbell is pleased to announce Artist’s Choice: Interconnected, an exclusive online exhibition of works from gallery’s inventory chosen by Berry Campbell’s represented contemporary artists. Eric Dever, Judith Godwin, Ken Greenleaf, Jill Nathanson, Ann Purcell, Mike Solomon, Susan Vecsey, James Walsh, Joyce Weinstein, and Frank Wimberley have thoughtfully selected one work from…

  • Auction Preview

    Fine Art + Design Selections

    The Fine Art + Design Selections auction, presented by Hindman, offers contemporary and early 20th-century pieces from artists around the world. Representing the United States is Ida Kohlmeyer's Mythic Mirror. Kohlmeyer discovered Abstract Expressionism when a leader of the movement, Mark Rothko, came to her native New Orleans as a…

    Fine Art + Design Selections
  • Art Industry

    IDA Kohlmeyer: Cloistered Opens At Berry Campbell

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 27, 2020—Berry Campbell is pleased to announce a rare exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Ida Kohlmeyer (1912-1997) from the late 1960s. While known for her unique hieroglyphic painting and sculpture from her later career, Kohlmeyer’s work in Berry Campbell’s current exhibition introduces an organic geometry,…

    Ida Kohlmeyer, Cloistered, 1969,
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Art & Antiques Session I

    Simpsons Galleries presents a well-selected assemblage fine art and decorative arts, 20th - century collectibles, and jewelry mainly from Texas, as well as from around the world in their upcoming Fine Art & Antiques Session I.  Traditional paintings by American and European masters, such as Édouard Cortés, Robert Reid, Thomas…

    Simpsons Galleries