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  • Auction Preview

    Fall Fine Asian Art and Antiques: Session 2

    Artist Huang Binhong’s work is considered a major contribution to Chinese art. In the 1930s, he created an especially influential document discussing his various brushwork methods, which would help boost him to fame. Huang’s style emerged from close observation of Chinese tradition and Western Impressionism. The second session of the…

    Chinese Sketchbook of Draft Paintings by Pu Ru
  • Auction Preview

    Private Collection of Guy E. Mayer Part 2

    The upcoming Pauling’s auction will highlight the private collection of Guy E. Mayer, a New York gallery owner and an avid collector of Eastern arts. During a missionary trip to Japan in 1927, Mayer first encountered traditional Buddhist statues, paintings, and calligraphies. The sale will include more than 50 lots…

    Ming Dynasty Anonymous Arhat Painting
  • Auction Preview

    The Fine & Decorative Art Auction

    The Fine & Decorative Art Auction offered by  puts forth a vivid display of fine Chinese antiques from a prominent Texas collector and several other estates. A detailed and historically significant Chinese Ming Tibetan gilt bronze statue of Shakyamuni Buddha seated on a lotus throne, this Bhumyakramana-Mudra is the highest…

    Dallas Auction Gallery