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  • Auction Preview

    “American Classics and Signed Letters at Potter & Potter”

    In 1939, Raymond Chandler published his novel The Big Sleep. The first to feature hardboiled detective Philip Marlowe, the book later inspired a classic film by the same title starring Humphry Bogart and Lauren Bacall. A first edition, first printing copy of this American classic is currently up for bid…

    CHANDLER, Raymond (1888–1959). The Big Sleep
  • Auction Preview

    Book Auction of the Collection of Don Lorenzo Zambrano

    Don Lorenzo Zambrano was a Mexican engineer, businessman, and book enthusiast. His library included over 40,000 titles on a variety of subjects. The upcoming 251-lot auction of items from Zambrano’s collection, presented by Morton Subastas, is a sampling of the depth and breadth of his tastes. Included are several installments…

    Aquinas, Thomas. Of God and his Creatures. Westminster, Maryland- The Carroll Press, 1950