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  • Auction Preview

    Palm Beach Modern Auctions Offers Selection of Contemporary Art & Design

    Pop artist George Segal’s work interacts directly with the viewer’s psychology, a difference compared to other 20th-century Pop art that focused on daily mass-produced objects. The New York-based sculptor was famous for his life-sized human body sculptures hosted in public spaces like coffee shops and train stations. His figurative sculptures…

    Monumental George Segal Bronze Sculpture Installation
  • Auction Preview


    In the 1880s, John Haberle took a humorous approach to his trompe l'oeil paintings (French for “fool the eye”). The upcoming Spanierman auction, presented by Rago, will feature one such whimsical painting by Haberle. Featured is a self-portrait titled That's Me, painted in shades of chestnut, beige, and brown. Explaining…

    Abraham Bogdanove, Portrait of Mrs. W. (The Artist's Wife)
  • Auction Preview

    Luxe Boutique Auction

    Available in the upcoming LUXE: Fine Art & Branded Luxury auction, presented by Palm Beach Modern Auction, is a life-size sculpture by artist George Segal. His works often drew inspiration from his own body and the people around him. The featured piece shows a man resting his head on his…

    Pair of Large Murano Lamps, Manner of Alberto Dona
  • Art Fairs

    Works by Dürer, Hockney, and Warhol lead sales at IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Online

    Andy Warhol, Details of Renaissance Paintings, Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus, 1482, 1984. Screenprint, 32 × 44 in, 81.3 × 111.8 cm. Edition of 70 + proofs. NEW YORK, NY.- The IFPDA Fine Art Print FairOnline 2020, the digital initiative launched on May 13th by the IFPDA (International Fine Print Dealers…

    Works by Dürer, Hockney, and Warhol lead sales at IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Online
  • Auction Preview

    Post-War & Contemporary Art

    The 1997-98 Woman on Blue Bus Seat sculpture, available in the upcoming Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction presented by Bonhams, is the creation of artist and sculptor George Segal. The inspiration behind Segal’s sculptures often came from his own body and the people surrounding him. In his lifetime, Segal dabbled…

    Jonas Wood