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  • Auction Preview

    Dudley, Cobb, and Other American Bird Decoys in Copley’s Winter Sale

    Made to distract, decoy ducks are placed in hunting areas to attract real birds. Carved wooden decoys are more difficult to find as plastic versions have become more popular. The upcoming Winter Sale 2021, presented by Copley, will offer a selection of carved Dudley decoys. Dudley decoys have compact bodies…

    Bluebill Decoy, Lee Dudley (1860-1942)
  • Auction Preview

    Decorative Arts and Fine Art

    The upcoming two-day Decorative Arts and Fine Art auction presented by Bunte Auction Services, Inc. features paintings and etchings by Wallace Nutting, Ada Walter Shulz, Hiroshi Yoshida, John James Audubon, Frank Benson, and others. Hiroshi Yoshida, one of the best-known artists of the shin hanga style, had a great affinity for…