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Tag: Emily Bronte

  • Auction Preview

    Valuable Books & Manuscripts

    In the upcoming Valuable Books & Manuscripts sale, presented by Christie’s, written works from a diverse mix of periods and regions will be available. Among the highlighted lots in the auction is a complete deluxe edition set of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Each is signed in ink…

    Littifredi di Corbizzi (1465-c.1515)
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Books, Maps, and Manuscripts

    The upcoming Fine Books, Maps, and Manuscripts auction offered by Revere Auctions will present a collection of books, documents, maps, and atlases. The auction features works by writers such as Sir Richard Burton and Emily Brontë. In the category of cartographers, Pieter Goos and Tobias Conrad Lotter are featured as…

    Pieter Goos Map of California as an Island 1666