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  • Auction Preview

    Pablo Picasso Medallions by Ateliers Hugo Available in Upcoming Bonhams Auction

    During the 1950s, Pablo Picasso commissioned goldsmith François-Victor Hugo to create signature medallions and dishes. These gold and silver medallions designed by Picasso were exclusive. The artist hid these medallions from his friends and even declined to lend them to museums. However, after constant convincing by Hugo, the artist authorized…

    Fifteen gold medallions by Pablo Picasso
  • Auction Preview

    Originals, Copies, Coins, and More From Brunk Auctions

    Before it was possible to easily manufacture reproductions of art, a copyist was often employed to make suitable replicas. One such artist was Remee van Leemput, who was known to duplicate works by Anthony Van Dyck, the 17th-century Flemish master. One painting that is likely from the hand of Leemput—a…

    Portrait of King Charles I, Studio of Anthony Van Dyck