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    Historic Autographs-Currency-Political-Americana-Militaria-Guns

    The Historic Autographs, Currency, and Gun auction, offered by Early American History Auctions, brings together documents from American figures such as President Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, as well as weaponry with historical significance.  The lot with the highest estimated value is a signed personal check from Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln…

    Early American History Auctions
  • Auction Preview

    Autographs, Colonial Currency, Political Americana, Historic Guns

    The late 18th century saw the official birth of a now mighty nation. As militias from 13 colonies challenge one of the world’s great armies, few believed they would prevail. However, those American colonies won their War for Independence, forming what is now the United States of America. Many artifacts…

    President CHESTER A. ARTHUR Executive Mansion Washington. Signed Card/AuctionDaily