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    February 15th Exceptional Estates Auction

    Peter Max is known for his brightly colored Pop Art paintings, which are often described as psychedelic. Blackwell Auctions showcases paintings by Peter Max in the upcoming Exceptional Estates Auction. Highlighted among them is an acrylic painting titled Umbrella Man in Blue III from his Umbrella Man series. The auction…

    KOMAI Kyoto 19C Meiji Censer Inlaid Iron
  • Auction Preview

    Home and Interiors Auction Day 2, 121919

    The first location of Doulton Pottery was along the River Thames in Lambeth, London. The company would eventually grow to include a site in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent before King Edward VII awarded Doulton the right to add “Royal” before its name. In 1934, Doulton revived their character jugs by incorporating whimsical…

    Home Intereriors Auction Day 2 Whitley's Auctioneers