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    Jewelry Week / Jewels - Session 4

    Born to a shoemaker family, self-taught Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzù adhered to three principle motifs: religious iconography, life-size nudes, and the painter with his model. He was one of the leading 20th-century sculptors of religious statues. Among his best-known works are his relief panels for European churches, including the Porta…

    A 18K white gold and diamond ring
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    Jewels and Unreserved

    Rolex introduced the Submariner wristwatch in 1954. However, it was not until 1967 that the style became popular. Highlighted at the upcoming Jewels and Unreserved auction, offered by Rago, is a Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetual wristwatch with a black dial. Another lot of interest is a diamond and platinum engagement ring.…

    Multistrand citrine and bead necklace
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    Winter Fine & Decorative Arts Auction

    Marc Chagall was best known for his use of color and dream-like imagery, which anticipated Surrealism. His works drew heavily on early 20th-century avant-garde movements such as Fauvism and Cubism. A gouache-on-paper piece by Chagall is among the highlighted lots in the upcoming Winter Fine & Decorative Arts Auction, presented…

    Nova 18k 2.38 CTW Diamond Bypass Ring
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    Designer Certified Diamond Gold Jewelry Fine Art Sale

    American jeweler David Webb made bold statement jewelry pieces that were often worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, and Merle Oberon. In his short career, Webb’s designs also made an impression on some of the most influential jewelry collectors of the era. He is considered…

    14k Yellow Gold Opal Onyx Inlay 23mm CuffLinks
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    Fine Jewelry and Watches

    Jean Michel Schlumberger was one of the leading jewelry designers of the 20th century. His jewelry caught the attention of Walter Hoving, the chairman of Tiffany & Co. After being offered a job at the luxury firm, Schlumberger became one of only four jewelers who have signed their creations for…

    18k Gold 3ctw Diamond Watch Bracelet
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    Essential Jewelry- Online Only

    The old mine cut diamonds preceded modern brilliant-cut diamonds. Characteristics of the older style included a high crown, a small table, and rounded corners of the square face. They were common during the Georgian and Victorian eras. The upcoming Essential Jewelry auction, offered by Hindman, will feature an Art Deco bracelet…

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    Valentine’s Estate Jewelry, Coins & Collectibles

    The Golconda mines in southern India have produced some of the most historic diamonds since the time of the Moghul Emperors. Jeweler Laurence Graff’s artistic journey began with a 1974 acquisition of a yellow diamond, the Star of Bombay from the Golconda mines. He bought the diamond from a European…

    Graff 8.56ct Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring
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    Jewelry at Stair

    In 1916, the public got its first glimpse of Renault combat armored tanks. Louis Cartier was so impressed by the geometry of those tanks that it became his muse for a new line of men’s wristwatches. He designed the prototype in 1917, which quickly became popular. In the preface of…

    Reinstein Ross 22k Braided Gold and Aquamarine Ring
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    2020 February Fine Jewels

    Gemologists divide diamonds into two types based on the levels of nitrogen in the stone’s chemical structure. Type IIa diamonds are the most scientifically pure and are noted for their clarity. A 5-carat Type IIa diamond will be featured in the upcoming Fine Jewels auction, offered by Fortuna Auction. The…

    5.16-Carat Very Fine Ruby and Diamond Ring
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    California Jewels

    Edward Lewis is perhaps best known as the producer of the Universal Pictures production Spartacus, which was nominated for six Academy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA Award. He produced Spartacus at the suggestion of his fellow producer and writer wife, Mildred Lewis. The upcoming California Jewels auction offered…

    A pair of green agate and peridot ear pendants
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    February 01, 2020 Auction

    Yamaha made its first upright built piano in 1900. Two years later, the company introduced its first grand piano. In 1904, Torakusu Yamaha sent his piano to the St. Louis World’s Fair, where it received an Honorary Grand Prize. Today, Yamaha Corporation is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in…

    Yamaha black lacquer Grand piano with bench, G3
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    Furniture, Fine Art, Jewelry and Timepieces, Asian Art

    Alexandrite, a gemstone discovered in Russia, was named after the country’s Tsar Alexander II. Most alexandrite deposits were exhausted by the end of the 1900s, making the uncommon gem a prized possession among the Russian royalty. Highlighted in the upcoming Furniture, Fine Art, Jewelry and Timepieces, Asian Art auction, offered…

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    Fine Paintings, Sculpture & Decorative Arts

    The upcoming Fine Paintings, Sculpture & Decorative Arts auction, presented by DuMouchelles, will include fine art, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, rugs, and more. Occupying the top lot of the sale is an oil painting created by Neoclassical painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The piece, titled Petites Maraudeuses, depicts two sisters escaping with a basket…

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    DuMouchelles Saturday, January 18th Auction

    Danish silversmith Georg Jensen first established his Copenhagen brand in 1904. He was greatly influenced by Art Nouveau silhouettes as well as then-burgeoning Modernism; both would ultimately contribute to his signature aesthetic. Two items by Georg Jensen are highlighted in the upcoming auction offered by DuMouchelles: a cosmos pattern seven-piece…

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    Fine French Furniture & Decoration, Jewelry and Coins

    The upcoming Fine French Furniture & Decoration, Jewelry and Coins auction, offered by Kodner Galleries, will include an example of the Nautilus, the first sports watch designed by Patek Philippe. Launched in 1976, the Nautilus was marketed as the world’s most expensive steel watch. This watch impacted the jewelry industry…

    French Louis XVI Style Commode
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    Fine Jewelry, Luxury Accessories, Sterling Silver & Toys

    Oval-shaped diamonds have been present since 1304, but the modern oval-cut diamonds were created by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960s. It quickly gained recognition in the diamond industry due to its elongated shape, which makes it look bigger than its actual size. Leading the upcoming ‘Fine Jewelry, Luxury Accessories, Sterling…

    A Ladies 3.04ct Oval Diamond Ring in Platinum
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    September Estates Auction Day 2

    Witness an incredible selection of antiques, fine art, jewelry and more from local estates in the upcoming two days September Estates Auction by Austin Auction Gallery. The second day will put forth the finest finds by the auction house. The highlight of the auction is Back to the Future II,…

    September Estates Auction Day 2/Auctiondaily