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  • Auction Guide, Auction Industry

    Auction Cataloging: Goals, Priorities, and Challenges

    A key part of any auction is the cataloging associated with each lot on offer. Cataloging, which appears on the surface to be simply a description of the item, is actually much more complicated. Transparent cataloging must take into consideration the interests of the auction house, the consignor, and potential…

  • Auction House

    Inside the Auction House: Pook & Pook, Inc.

    Pook & Pook, Inc. started as a small family business but eventually grew into a customer and consignor base of over 40,000 individuals and organizations. This growth is thanks in no small part to the auction house‚Äôs status as an early adopter and champion of online sales. Auction Daily spoke…

    Inside the Auction House Pook & Pook Inc4